Bwin Poker Review

When you're into something like online poker, then it is obvious that you'll pay attention to the poker sites that you visit with big, wide eyes. In this case, design matters a lot when it comes to a first impression. Which is likely why Bwin Poker comes rather highly rated. Its first impression is a good and lasting one, what with the warmer colours of its homepage and all the offers that jump out at you almost immediately, you can't help but want to explore a bit more. However, it becomes finicky and this is why the Bwin Poker review will tell you everyone you need to know about the site itself.

First off, let's talk gaming at Bwin Poker. Members are offered a full range of poker games like Texas Hold'em, Ohama, 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw amongst others. Which is not to say that is all they have to offer, but merely a summary of the most popular games in poker at the moment. It gets more abstract and derivative the further into the site you go. What makes the gaming even more exciting at Bwin Poker is that they also offer online poker tournaments which can be participated in by just about any member and which stands players in good stead to win massive amounts of money. Tournaments include features like the MadTitle Tourney as well as the Dailies, which is played every day throughout the day. But it isn't just the promise of tournaments that makes Bwin Poker play so exciting but the presence of their legion and fabulous promotions that gets everyone very excited. There are welcome promotions, refer-a-friend specials and game specific bonuses which make gameplay that much more rewarding.

But it's not just these that make Bwin Poker a site well worth visiting but also all the special features that come along that only make play more interesting and a lot easier. For example, you can change your avatar in the poker rooms, tile your tables so you can see what is happening all on one screen, tournament lobby information, Sit & Go queues, a download that is Mac compatible as well as ante tournaments. It makes for a richer experience in the poker rooms. And should anything, anything at all, be not to your liking then Bwin Poker has a round the clock customer support team that will go out of their way to ensure your happiness. Not to mention, all your data will be kept safe with the latest in security technology to ensure that you are having your fun in a safe environment.

And what the Bwin Poker review has proven is that Bwin Poker lives up to is promises and delivers service and features that are as slick and as satisfying as looking at the design itself. If you want a simple, yet satisfying poker experience then Bwin Poker is definitely the site for you.


Bwin Poker


(8.0 / 10)

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Bwin Poker Summary

Poker Farm Points: N/A
Bonus: None
U.S. Friendly: No
Other country restrictions: None
Currencies: EUR

Full Rating (8.0 / 10)

Game Variety

Hits and Misses

Soft competition Hit
Reputable European brand Hit
Satellites to major tournaments Hit
Limited game variety Miss
Difficulties multi-tabling Miss
No game waiting lists Miss
Software Compatible with WindowsSoftware Compatible with MacintoshSoftware Compatible with Linux