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[SIZE="4"]Best poker datamining PokerStars, Pacific (888), iPoker, PartyPoker[/SIZE]


[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]PokerStars Tournaments hand history.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
An unique feature of our site is the opportunity to order a monthly subscription to the SNG and MTT tournaments PokerStars.
You will exactly know what to do on Push/Fold stage..
[COLOR="red"][SIZE="3"]Some statistical data:[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Ordering a monthly subscription:
PokerStars NL50 6max, you'll get a ~ 350-400K hands each day.
PokerStars NL100 6max, you'll get a ~ 220-270K hands each day.
Most competitors haven't got a half of this.

5% for every next month.
20% from competitor's price.
50% for every next limit.

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="red"]Free test packets.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Our test packages are automatically updated every day. You can download a limited amount of hands from previous day for your limit at any time .

[COLOR="red"][SIZE="3"]Customer care and cooperation.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
You can choose the start date of subscription.
We send a test package before payment upon request.
CAP tables separately from other.

We make good offers for affiliates and resellers.

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