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Ok Im very sure this question has been asked before and am really wondering if I will even get any replies... but I tried the search and couldnt find anything so here goes anyway.

I been playing (offline) poker with my friends for a few years, just for fun. But I never played online before, especially not for money. But lately I met a few people who play several hours a night professionally and wanna give it a try.

So the question is, how can I get started? I never played online so I really want to read something on this type of play, to make money. Also what are the best websites/software to use?? Ill probably play a while for play money till Im confident and then try see if I can make actual money from this.

Yeah I know I am a lazy, dreaming, newbie basted with a dream of making money from a game I love, but all those who get their dreams started out as dreamers, so if anyone has any info, please help!

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I have listen a website named It is a geate website regarding poker which enables you to play poker online and also provides the way , tips and stratgies that how to play poker