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Is the farm going to hold any programme to take a group of players to vegas?

Sounds like fun to me!


Any one with the know how and power to answer this, please sepak soon!



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As far as am aware no plans have been sorted or finalised yet.

Im going over from 9th june-1st july,unless get good big win then staying longer..if anyone is going over and would like a pokerfarm meetup at some point over there lets sort it on this thread

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might take my entire net worth out, oh wait, £75 cant get you out there. Guess ill have to cash in that sexy bet with degen, what was it again??



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anyone who wants to go to vegas can do on a very small budget. There are so many great value sats available to win your seat and they are still great value. Most years I have "won" multiple packages both for myself and friends or "clients". I think al is looking at running some features showing people how to get into the big dance on the cheap. If you are a serious poker player you have to play it at some stage in your life- why not qualify and play it this year? Not sure if I will be going this year with family commitments glen. If I decide to go will give you a yell and win me and a few others seats. depends on the mrs at the end of the day ;)

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Hi guys

Afraid we're not likely to be running promos for our guys for this summer's WSOP. We will however be out there producing some content at the Series. As Russ says, why not have a crack at qualifying for the main - There's a ton of sats running. Check out Russ's satellite articles in the strategy section which went up today, I can confirm they are VERY helpful, and the man knows what he's talking about, I even managed to qualify for a few live events, much of it thanks to his insight.

If anything changes in terms of promos for you guys I'll let you know asap. In the meantime good luck spinning up a Vegas bankroll and/or qualifying online!!

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Stay on the strip!!!


Soz Russ I couldn't resist it ;)