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Sup guys,


Last year me, Degen, Craig, Zee and Elliott created a WSOP fantasy league. We each bet $100 and picked teams of 5 players, the team which cashed for the most $$$'s wins.

It went down to the wire with my team leading by about $450,000 heading into the main event which meant if someone made a really deep run they could win it, otherwise the bet was mine. Zee had Scott Clements so had a massive sweat when he made the final 100. To win the bet he needed him to finish in the top 14 so must have been gutted when he busted in 17th LOL. Ship it.


Anyway, with just 7 weeks to go until the start of the 2011 series, i thought it would be kl to try t make a farm-wide event this year (maybe the farm will even add money to the prize pool????)

So we got 7 weeks to agree an amount to place on it and the rules of the bet

Here are my thoughts :

  • $100 a man. If there is demand for bigger or smaller we could split it into two leagues - one normal, one high-roller for people like Adam and Elliott who have so much money they don't know what to do with it
  • Format for teams should be either :

- six unique players including at least 1 woman, 1 englishman, 1 pokerfarm player, 1 over-50, 1 wsop virgin. Not necearrily all of these but some stipulations about who can you have, and no two people can have the same player. With some sort of draft a week before the series begins to pick teams


- every player has a rating and you have to pick your team with certain requirements and within a given budget. i.e. You have $50million to spend on players and every player has a value e.g. Ivey = $20 million, T.J cloutier = $1 million


I guess the second is easier but requires someone to rate each and every pro playing at the series.


Thoughts? Who's keen?

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Sounds like a great idea. Will have a think and we'll try to get something built for you guys, I'll see if I can add a little something to the kitty to make it more exciting :)

Like the idea of having a price per player and each team having a set budget. Is everyone ok with $100 per team? Please add your suggestions in this thread and I'll do my best to make sure they happen...