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Well this does not look good. Hopefully FTP can change servers, but I think this may well be the end. I made a chunky withdrawal this morning, not hopeful of receiving it :(

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ffs al- u didnt see this coming? i did say on the other thread you should get your dough out and think yourself lucky if you did. Its not the first site to go to the wall although its definately the biggest. they can obviously get another license in the caymens or somewhere and change servers but be honest- if you were in their shoes would you go to all the hassle knowing you have probably lost a large chunk of your player base. May as well go lie on your big bed of dirty money and not bother anymore and my guess is thats what they will do.

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shit hard to believe, I remember a couple of days after the black friday Ivie and Negreanu telling the poker comunity to be confident that their money was safe as long as usa players have it on ftp or stars, the worst part of this is that players are feeling every day more on risk by depositing money.

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all she wrote IMO, if i had money on ftp i'd be writing it off if i hadn't already. I look forward to telling soem young gun at the table that back in my day all the high stakes games were on a site called fulltilt which turned out to be a giant ponzi scheme.