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This is a very hot topic in our office recently. that and whether its gay to say hot topic. 


We have recently all been given a trial period, and the dela is to do 35k hands. so everyone is aiming for that. 


Heres the question now: Is aiming for 35k hands incorrect? 


the consequences of aiming for 35k - you do exctly 35k hands, but you pretty much break even or win. 

- is it pointless doing 35k hands if you break even? it is kinda isnt it? cause you dont get much pay assuming you at 20nl and 50nl (as most people were dropped levels) 

- is it pointless doing 35k hands and winning slightly? yes pretty much for the same reasons as above. 


- so basically, only if you win 30+ buy ins for the month is it worth doing 35k hands? 


this however all assumes break even or winning. If you take the reverse of that, break even = not losing. As obvious as that sounds, when you on a trial for a month, doesnt losing seem like the worst option? 

- we then get told half way through the month (when people are on track to do 35k hands) that people are not doing enough hhands. err.....

- arron then has a go, saying how he doesnt understand how we not doing 80k hands. 


i think i can some it up based on what i feel. Everyone was losing profit and loss wise before this amazing opportunity the company gave us.EVERYONE! 

We now have this opportunity to prove our worth for the future by concentrating on PnL. Why on earth would people concentrate on hands? - they have been given this chance to win and make some real monies. 


Now, how about some sort of discussion? 

everyone has an opinion on this topic, im gonna get all the guys to post on this, i know bricksteve will have a lot to say. 

-nows your chance lads, make your feelings heard. If you couldnt be bothered, gg job i guess? 


peace and love



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Im happy doing the amount of hands asked of me. Im not happy being told to do a certain amount of hands but then its not enough. I base my month on my hand requirement and set certain targets for myself. The reason i dont try to crush hands is because I havnt had a winning month pushing for hands and rake. If hand requirement is 100k thats fine because i can set daily hand requirements and i know what is asked of me. I liked the idea of 35k hands because it gives us a chance to concentrate on profit and start over then next month we maybe do 45-50k hands and work from there.

My month started good and i was targeting 2k hands a day and aiming for 40-50k hands. So I dont know if thats enough or not but in order for me to have a winning month and to stay in profits thats my target.

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I really think that rake make the diference for us and for thefarm, we will have up and downswings and seems really hard for me to make 30+ buy ins, if you are going to play less hands but you will take notes on the tables and watch some videos and work really hard on fix your leaks then go ahead and gl but my goal is to play as much as I can and I see the rakeback as my salary no the pnl.

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Is there anybody on here staked for mtts/sngs?

Is there any1 has been staked for sngs/mtts after doing the graduate scheme?200sngs or 100 mtts.

Seems to me u all cash players.

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I feel you have to find a happpy medium somewhere between the two. 

Obviously everybody wants to make the most money possible, that is the best for both the players and the Pokerfarm.

My personal opinion would be to firstly make sure you are beating the games you are playing. If you are not, then it is always going to be an uphill struggle surely? Now if this means lowering the number of tables you play for a short while so that you can pay more attention to the games and picking up on where you are winning and losing money, or where you could be winning more, or losing less, then excellent. This should be done IMHO.

I would see very little point, and would very much not enjoy grinding loads of tables for loads of hours every day if I was losing money hand over fist! It is only going to make you play worse and is hugely counterproductive I feel.

But obviously you have to use this time effectively. There is little point in taking a period where you play less tables to try and work on your game, if at the end of this period, you have achieved nothing, or very little.

Once you're crushing (or atleast showing that you can beat the game) then it is time to step up the volume I think.


Obviously this is just my 2 cents and I have no idea how the guys at The Pokerfarm feel about this, but I am sure they would prefer the majority of their playeers to be earning every month from both P+L AND rakeback. This is the best for both player and staker.


Please feel free to tell me if I'm a complete moron!  :)