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So i sit down to play a session a few days ago and find myself $300 within 500 hands! The session suddenly then picks up when i suck out AK V KK, and i decided i wasnt going to look back. The session had the potential to be a monster ;)

I found myslef losing track of time and before i know it ive played 10k hands and winning $500. I set out for the 20k target and off to war i went - 15k hands +$800 and running to EV! What was going on, i couldnt lose, the deck was my best friend. 18K hands i find myself +$1000 and still running to EV, life could be sweeter the smell of nl100 was in the air. Then the downswing - AA V KK flops K, set/set, flush/flush and it seemed the heater was over! BAD TIMES. I started playing badly, a combo of tiredness and the fact of dropping $400 in 5 mins lol. I decided to give myself $100 loss limit form that point and then i was blessed with the biggest heater ever, topped by this hand. 

IPoker Network $50.00 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players - [url=]View hand 1271031[/url]

[url=]DeucesCracked Poker Videos[/url] [url=]Hand History Converter[/url]


BTN: $59.19

[b]Hero (SB): $87.34[/b]

BB: $54.66

UTG: $54.07

[b]MP: $80.00[/b]

CO: $50.75


[b]Pre Flop:[/b] ($0.75) Hero is SB with A :heart: 3 :heart:

[i]1 fold[/i], [color=red]MP raises to $1.50[/color], [i]1 fold[/i], [color=red]BTN raises to $5[/color], [color=red]Hero raises to $44[/color], [i]1 fold[/i], [color=red]MP raises to $80[/color], [i]1 fold[/i], Hero calls $36


[b]Flop:[/b] ($165.50) 8 :diamond: 9 :heart: 9 :diamond: [color=#336633](2 players)[/color]


[b]Turn:[/b] ($165.50) 7 :spade: [color=#336633](2 players)[/color]


[b]River:[/b] ($165.50) A :club: [color=#336633](2 players)[/color]

LOL - miss clicking for the win! Obvs gt to cold 4ball A3s and make it $44 instead of $11 - RUN BETTER AZZA!
The heater continued and i finished +$1,500 30 buy ins over 23k hands - same time next week ;).

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sick one, move up IMO

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sick arron, mbn! :p

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wow man I cant play more than 10k hands without lossing my mind. well done