Thread Starter: running shite- what do you do?

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run bad last 3 days losing flips blah blah blah.... gonna have a session with my mentor tomorrow night for a few hours and see if he can spot any leaks i havent seen and will be dropping a level till i start godmode again. how does everyone else deal with the shit spots we all find ourselves in every now and then?

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I always found smashing the laptop/monitor up helps....

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I actually feel like doing this right now, but I'll revert to self harm...


Back to the drawing board I guess, oh the joys of poker!

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I go over hand histories when I hit a bit of a dry spell or have a couple of days of absolute destruction. Tends to help me calm myself and think about what I could've done better.

There are times when you feel like you're doing everything right, but the cards just aren't falling in your favour.

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This is running bad!!

Just got to remember when ur running bad keep chin up and make sure you are doing the correct things-if thats the case then thats the main thinkg

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Killin a penguin often helps!!

    This should make u laugh !!