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hi there, my name is liam

i found out about poker farm through poker player magazine, reading an article about Sam Trickett. it said that james bord had hleped stake trickett in return for sams help with this site...i became intrigued as to what this 'poker farm' was all about, and so have decided to check it out. So far, i can't see much on this site, but im sure much is to follow.

like many who play poker, i aspire to play at a higher level than i do at the moment. i did have a spell out of work where i played cash poker online at party, and was doing well, before the pressure of playing $200 on 4 tables with no job became too stressful for me. in short, i wasnt rolled well enuff for the level, and the swings hurt too much when you have no job! I also have a very strong cash % in tournaments at my local casinos, but can only afford to play there when my wages allow it. Despite these factors, i feel i've never given myself a fair shot at doing better- any money won has been used tin day to day bills, like the fortnight i cashed in 4 successive live tournaments for over £1600...only for the dentist to take £1550 off me on the monday to solve unbearable pain,lol! This year, i think i shall aim to keep my bankroll just for poker, no matter what life tries to kick me in the balls with,lol! My aim is to play more, both live and online, and to study the game and play the game with the same passion that i had when first started 5 years ago.

so...i guess im wondering if this place might be the place to do it? Considering i haven't played the volume required and haven't had the results i'd like over the last few years, asking for staking would be downright foolish, so what would i have to do to partake in the "graduate" program? And what does the graduate program entail- both on my part and poker farms? I have thought about doing this before with other sites, but having seen how quiet the site is at the moment, i may well benefit by getting in early im thinking? I like the idea of being helped along,or mentored if you like, as opposed to watching videos...ive thought about getting the cardrunners thing together for the last two years, but its pricey for a recreational player, and listenin to some fella say "errrrrrm" mor times than david beckham can in an average interview of the same timespan are very unappealing factors! But, if i am to push on up the levels, im going to need to know the latest strategy...i think much of the sklansky stuff iv'e read is very dated with how much the games changed just in the short time iv'e been playing! so i look forward to fresh advice on here, and will seek advice here before 2+2 due to the smaller pool of users.

So...if anybody to do with pokerfarm, or anybody knows anything about the graduate programme ( or has "graduated" thru it), please give any details in  this thread. Many thanks, liam.

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Hi Liam, moved your post from the recruitment section to here.

Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum. We're set to unleash our new website at the beginning of April so much more will be explained then! Poker has evolved at a ridiculous rate over the last 5 years, and so many players go through what you're feeling at some point. Our graduate scheme sounds like it would suit you very well. There'll be more info on the site over the coming weeks but I can explain it to you briefly; basically the graduate scheme will be a test of 10k cash hands/150 MTTs/300 SNGs over the course of a month. Within this month we want you to demonstrate that you have the discipline and commitment to put in some volume and show some kind of poker intellect. Whether you crush and win 100BIs or end up losing over the month is neither here nor there. We want you to show us that you have potential, and we will allocate you 2 hrs coaching with one of our mentors/wk to help you along the way. At the end of the challenge we'll assess your play and if successful will offer you a staking deal, coach, and all the tools you need to become successful and beat the game.

The graduate scheme is perfect for players with slightly less experience, or those who might find it hard to get a straight backing deal due to results/volume etc. We all have to start somewhere, and as you said if you want to push on up through the levels, getting some one on one coaching and being familiar with the latest concepts and strategies is critical to your development as a poker player. Hopefully we can help you in this department :)

If you are unsuccessful after the process we'll throw in a decent bonus for you at one of our partner sites and you will be welcome to apply again anytime. There'll be a lot more info on the site shortly, but in the meantime if you or anyone else for that matter is interested in taking part, please email info and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions feel free to fire away in this thread.