Thread Starter: Will Hill using 'house' bots in ring games and Mtts.

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Wtf how scummy is that? Seems a shame we use these guys when you read stuff like that.

Thoughts guys?

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I smell a bluff.... I call

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Lemme at any 6max plo bot... yum yum

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Obv Hoax is obv. Reason for the rumours are:

1: weird chatlog where a low level chatoperator  (who just worked there for a week) gave random wrong info, happens more often with chatoperatos.

2: This in games offered via the Website which benefit from more players or greater liquidity we may deploy electronic players (known as robots, and whose usernames will be "bot") who are pre programmed to play and join in with the game in order to assist the liquidity or the number of players gaming; and.

This refers to the casino, not to Poker.

obv they dont allow bots

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never in doubt really