Thread Starter: WSOPE moves to france?

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Thoughts on this? obviously there is a tonne of poker in london in september, ept/epo/wp, but the event was kinda getting established. A shite venue for such a big comp, but london was the capital of the poker world for a month.

On the plus side, a tonne more baguettes and i think the weather is nice in cannes :)

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weather may be nicer but canne is not the cheapest place to go in the world, makes london look like good value

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I think theres more to this than meets the eye..i would hazard a guess that canne and the casino there have offered some back handers to get the wsope there..obv it makes alot of money for casino and surounding areas,and after the sucess of the london one baffles me why they moving it.

Only thing i can think off baring back handers is maybe every year they going to move it to diff countries(last year londong,next france,year after maybe germany etc)-so that the popularity of the event grows.

Either way its money orientated i can GTD that

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french poker has taken a massage upswing since the legislation in effect privatising online poker over there. it is one of the markets still growing and this move means the field will be 4 or 5 times larger with plenty of soft spots compared to the pro infested smaller field at the empire. bigger prize pool and softer field got to be a good thing for any poker player and i would rather play this this year than the wsop