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Page doesnt submit u guys still active?

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Hi the application form should work now, any problems please email

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Name: Patrick


Nickname: MidEGambler


Country: Canada


What do i play:

I actually play all kind of games in NLHE, like cash, MTT´s, sit & go´s, Live and Online. But currently i´m grinding a lot of MTTs and I like to think that live NLHE tourneys/events are my best game.


Biggest achievment:

- chopping 1st place in a live event (550$ - 3 Day) at Caesars Palace Windsor for 20K.

- Winning midnight madness and turbo 10r on FTP.


Job/Education: I am a graduate from St.Francis Xavier University with a major in Sociology. I have been playing poker seriously for the past 5 years.



Relation with the Farm:

I am new to this website and I hope to become a member of the MTT stable here, and win lots of money.


Favourite Hand:

8h3h - OctoCrab