Thread Starter: Cheats in poker!!! Do they exsit?

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Hi all in the poker world new to this site, little bit about me been playing poker now for about year and a half and love the game cant get enuff of it, now my reason for posting, i was playing a heads up game the other day on one of the well known poker sites and from the off i got the impression the other player  was a very aggressive player but things changed about 10minutes into the game and i dont no if it was me but every time i got a good hand he would fold his hand and this went on for the hole game and if i would play a low hand i.e 3hearts 2spades he would raise big and i would call and he would always have a big hand,and always show me his cards and he kept doing this all through the game its asif he could see me cards dont no what he was doing but its strange to me has anyone else had this!!

Thanks Adam

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Online cheats definitely exist, but, since you are not playing poker for too long, it is possible that you giving away tells. The most obvious online tells are betsize, chat, playing style and timing. Your opponent could adapt to any of these tells and even look like he can see your hole cards.