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The topic at hand is Full Tilt Poker for this thread.

Does anyone play there...? Opinions about the site, likes and dislikes all encouraged.

I'll start off by saying there game selection is magnificant. Has really impressed me within this last year with the games they now offer. I'm not much of a Tournament player myself so I won't comment on there Tournament schedules, but overall I think they offer a good site with decent qualities.


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I played about 250k hands on full tilt. I think thats a great site and the traffic is really high at the hu plo table at plo50, plo100 and plo200. Even if you have winning stat on PTR, someone will always sit you in less then 5 min. The only bad point is that the full tilt point needed to buy something interessting is pretty big compare to Pstars.

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they make your live harder dont look like they are there to help you, if possible avoid them

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don't know used to be great, but the other day, i was waiting for an hour for a 26$ 90 ppl comp to fill up and it didn't... it's all gone pete tong...

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