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Here at the Pokerfarm we actively encourage lively discussion and debate. We want the forum to be a friendly place where poker players of all abilities can interact and discuss poker and non-poker related topics. Some of the larger poker forums out there are frequented by cynical and abusive members; this simply will not be tolerated here. Any member who is insulting or abusive towards others will be banned indefinitely. The guidelines are fairly simple – treat others as you’d like to be treated and there will be no problems.

We’re a fairly tolerant bunch but we draw a line under the following:

Pornographic, offensive or distasteful material.

Defamatory, insulting or discourteous behaviour.

Discriminating posts on the grounds of sex, race or religion.


Flaming is the deliberate act of posting messages to aggravate or cause controversy. It can take shape in many forms, namely being rude, overly critical and intentionally provoking reaction from members. We will not tolerate flaming of any type. Those in breach of these terms will initially be warned and in the instance of a second breach, members will be banned for a prolonged period at the discretion of the Pokerfarm forum moderators.


Troll posting, much like flaming, is the act of intentionally causing unrest across the forum. Repetitive trolling will not be tolerated in any way.


While members are free to post links to relevant online media, we reserve the right to delete links which are unsuitable or spam. These include links which are commercially beneficial to third parties outside of the Pokerfarm business. Links to threads on other poker forums such as 2+2 etc are totally acceptable however links to affiliate sites will be removed immediately and continued misuse will lead to accounts being banned from our forum. We also ask that members give the necessary accreditation when posting information from outside sources where necessary.

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Suggest you make this post a global message or sticky then lock it