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Hi all

Pokerfarm radio is coming! We're set to record our first show in the next couple of weeks and need your participation please.

Matt Broughton will be hosting the show along with various special guests over the season. Matt is a renowned all round poker personality; player, writer, TV and radio host, you name it he does it. The bloke even makes poker tables!

Sam Trickett will be on the first show with James Bord, discussing everything from high stakes cash games in Macau, the WSOP and the year ahead. While there are plenty of poker podcasts/radio shows out there at the moment we're hoping to come at a slightly different angle than what's been done before. This will be a fun, lighthearted show with some great guests and features. We really need your participation in the show and we'll be chucking in some freebies and running various competitions as the show progresses. We'll be dedicating a section of the show to you guys, the players at the Pokerfarm so if you have any stand out achievements, failures, brags, stories, or anything remotely interesting that we can talk about please let us know!

To start with I'd really appreciate your questions for Sam and/or James B. What would you like to know that you didn't already? Post it in this thread and if it's reasonable, we'll ask them!

Any other questions, fire away, we hope you like the show and your feedback as always is very much appreciated.


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in for the heads up show thingy if still available, looking forward to podcast too :)

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Originally Posted by JammyJenny

when is the first show being aired guys?

First show nearly finished mate, we may wait until Vegas starts though, so likely 2 weeks or so! Keep suggestions coming ple chaps

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any news?    

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how do you get the podcast onto your ipod?


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sorry about the delay guys, next podcast coming this week live from the WSOPE in Cannes.

Stay tuned