PokerShare Review

It is critical, in the case of online gaming sites, to have a thorough understanding of how the site works – explanations and context often enhance the gaming experience, especially when you’re not worrying about how it works and more focused on how to win. It is a definite feature to point out at PokerShare; there is a detailed explanation about everything on their site, about everything their site does and everything relating to poker. So much so, in fact, that you would almost not need this PokerShare review. However, we’ve read through it all and now present you with the summary, the simplified version and all the basics you need to know about PokerShare.

First off, the kind of games they have on offer will suit just about any player that happens to visit the site. From the old favourites to modern marvels, there is no taste too eclectic that PokerShare cannot deal with and ultimately satisfy. Secondly, they play host to an array of promotions that are enough to make any poker player simply stare in disbelief of their good fortune. Because that is what the promotions are – good fortune. There is the, to be expected, Welcome Bonus, which allows players to collect up to $1000 in cash bonuses over 90 days. But there are also tournament promotions, a leaderboard and a host of features that only enhance your normal play and make it more thrilling than it has ever been before. And of course, the ever present refer-a-friend bonus will see you pocketing cash for doing very little. But where you do put in effort, those efforts are rewarded. PokerShare has introduced their VIP programme that puts in place a number of privileges and the VIP bonus structure, which sends the numbers right up. So high it’s almost unreal.

As mentioned, PokerShare goes out of their way to explain everything and anything on their site in a series of helpful tabs designed to be incredibly clickable but, if nothing there will suffice, they also have a dedicated and extremely efficient customer support team that can be contacted at any time of day or night, all year long. As the site itself says… “Your casino experience is our number one priority!” and we can’t fault them there. Especially when it comes to the financial side of everything. PokerShare is dedicated to providing safe secure and reliable payouts that happen promptly and give their customers no cause to complain.

PokerShare regards itself as one of the first sites in the world to offer such generous bonuses and it might very well be right, but a definite fact is that it's service is as close to impeccable as any other internet site can get and if you’re going to take anything away from the PokerShare review, know that PokerShare is committed to providing you with the best online poker experience and be aware that in this instance, the site just can’t stop rewarding their players. In this case it is most certainly, a love-love relationship.




(8.0 / 10)

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PokerShare Summary

Poker Farm Points: Coming Soon
Bonus: 100% bonus up to $100
U.S. Friendly: No
Other country restrictions: None
Currencies: USD

Full Rating (8.0 / 10)

Game Variety

Hits and Misses

Competition is soft usually Hit
Great lobby software Hit
Large $1000 bonus on offer Hit
Lower guaranteed tournaments Miss
Limited promotions Miss
Software Compatible with WindowsSoftware Compatible with MacintoshSoftware Compatible with Linux