$200k Guaranteed Ongame Tournament

Nov. 1, 2011, Hand played by John_Hewitt

John Hewitt, playing here as "speculator", discusses a hand from a recent online tournament which propells him into one of the chip leaders. Find out what...

Questions & Answers

How was the table playing at this point and what was your image before the hand?

This hand occurred with about 60 players left in the tournament. Everyone was playing fairly well but i had a very decent image. At this point i was playing typically tight aggressive.  10 Gram Co was actually one of the most active players and actually was a factor in making this call a bit easier than it may have been against another player.

You Opened with a Min Raise - Was this consistent for you?

Yes. In these online tournaments, especially deep with these stack sizes I almost always open with a Min raise regardless of the strength of my hand. As I have a lot of experience playing tournaments online it means im fairly comfortable playing the streets and keeping pots under control.

Going into the flop its 3 way and you flop top pair on a draw heavy board. Are you always calling off your stack here?

I get called by one player behind me pre flop and the BB completes the action. The flops good for me, top pair with a good kicker and a gutshot but really i want to end the hand with a bet. Playing the turn and river can get very tricky if i just get called here. Calling of my stack and being the aggressor are very different. if the BB shoves over the 3 bet then i dont call off.

When the opponent raises is it always a fold or shove spot with your hand?

Yes basically, when he makes the raise for just over the minimum he still has fold equity. I dont neccessarily expect him to fold a lot here when he makes the raise but he can still play a 25bb stack, its not an instant call by him.

What pushed you towards the shove

Well really his range leads to having a lot of tens in this spot. jacks are unlikely since you expect a 3 bet pre. AQ can be a realistic hand but im leaving myself with outs. I have the Q clubs with helps a lot since the only really flush draw he should have is A Ten clubs which obviously would be huge for him.

Also, as I mentioned before this player had been quite active. He can make this raise with QJ, Ten Jack hands and even pocket Tens.

HU against this player i don’t want to fold here, i have good equity, back door outs if he has my beat and its hard to be crushed here.

In the end i don’t think he was priced into calling. He made a loose call and decided to gamble. Obviously i was happy!

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