Martins Adeniya Final Table EPT London

Oct. 11, 2011, Hand played by MartinsAdeniya

Benny Spindler's 4-bet unusual 4-bet shove knocked Martins out in 7th at the EPT London.

Questions & Answers

(The final table of the EPT London has been going for one hour. Players are on a fifteen minute break. Martins started the day as chip leader and still has the biggest stack, about 4.4 million.) What’s happened so far?

It’s really slow because it’s the TV final table.  We’ve probably only played like ten hands in the last level.  I haven't really played any pots. 

Strange day for you yesterday. Didn’t you get aces cracked very late?

I got aces cracked for like two million, but I was still above average afterwards.  I was running over the table at that point, I had double average and that was for the chip lead.  That chip lead would have put me at the big stack for today anyway, but I lost that and then I also lost kings as well to ace-ten.

Did you start to feel like it wasn’t meant to be?

No I was still above average and I looked around the table and just decide that this tournament is mine.  It’s here to be won. 

It’s a tough final table line-up.

The players that I think will give me the most trouble are Benny and Mattias.  Mattias has position on me with about 3.5 million.  I think he’s going to try and play pots in position against me, because he’s flatted me twice and he flatted me yesterday as well. I think he’s just going to try and win small pots in position against me and try and chip away at me.  My solution to that is going to be to open a bit less, to open a stronger range of hands. 

As for Benny, well he just folded the button to me which he has not done once all tournament, because he knows that I’m liable to go nuts in the big blind and he doesn’t want to get in a pre-flop raising war with me when there’s so much at stake now.

I heard you made a 5-bet all in shove against him quite late yesterday.

Yeah, that was on the bubble for the final table so that was one, where, I had to win that hand.  So I think Benny’s plan is to open less as well and when he does play a big pot against me he’s gonna play for stacks.  The next time he does 4-bet me, he’s not 4-bet folding. 

What were you thinking about last night before you went to sleep? Were you going through hands?

I took it easy last night.  When I got back, I was just chilling.  I had a chat with my brother, my girlfriend, looked at some stuff online, lots of people were sending me messages and stuff.  I decided to be sensible,  because I didn’t go out last night.  There will be a lot of time to party later if I win it.  Or whatever happens.

Are you tired?

A little bit.  I got like seven hours of sleep, so that’s enough, but over the course of six days it all adds up anyway.  I was also planning Cannes, because I’m going to the WSOPE tomorrow morning at ten am.  I’ve gotta go to work here now so…

(Less than an hour back at the table and Martins is out in 7th. Benny Spindler had just won a 4 million chip pot where he caught Mattias bluffing so he now has 5.7 million chips to Martins’ 3.5 million and Mattias’ 1.5 million.

Such a weird hand.  I played so sick this tournament as well.  I’m not 3-betting light in that spot.  I’m only 3-betting to get it in.  I’m not 3-betting nines there.  I’m calling nines.  A-Q I might 3-bet fold.  That’s the only hand.  But I don’t know why he doesn’t 3-bet Mattias and get it in against his 25 big blinds. 

(Sam Trickett adds:) He’s basically bluffing because if he gets called the best shape he’s in is 50-50. He can’t get called by worse, unless it’s A-K.

I’m not 3-betting light in that spot. I haven’t played a hand.  There’s no reason to think I’m going to squeeze there because I’ve sat there folding for like two levels. 

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craig says:

1st of November 2011

is this hand not really standard? i mean are you folding hands like aj aq and kq? or are you squeezing? and you should not be squeeze folding aj and aq for 50 bbs think his play his fine. from what i have seen you play very aggresivley so leaves him with no choice as flatting your squeeze is awful. it must be plus ev according to stack sizes for him to jam. as you folding many bluffs with good equity against his hand, and should not be squeeze folding aq aj. unless you never squeezing light because of the open from gun but other posts in this tourney have you 6 bet folding and min 5 betting 33 so cant see how its bad from him. just think you unlucky to lose flip and the hand is played fine from both parties

Roger says:

10th of January 2012

How is this hand standard. He gets 57 bb in on an obvious coin flip when he has an above average chip count. It's not a cash game, you can't just make all decisions based on marginally postive EV, as most players don't play enough big tourney final tables for it to average out and the jumps in prize money should play a big factor. AK is a strong hand when you have good fold equity pre, its not for calling off 86% of your stack for a flip if you think u have an edge against the field. Whats wrong with trying to minimize your risk and fold, wait for a better spot.

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