Sam Trickett - Partouche Bubble

Oct. 9, 2011, Hand played by SamTrickett

An aggressive bluff keeps Sam Trickett in chips as he builds chips on the bubble to prepare for his run to the final table at the 2011 Partouche Poker Main...

Questions & Answers

Tell me about a hand from the Partouche Poker tournament during your run to the final table.

This one was quite interesting.  It was on the bubble and I was playing like 100% of the hands when the action was folded to me, and I was 3-betting a lot of hands as well.

Why? Because you had a good stack?

I had a good stack and the table was so passive that it was a great spot to do it in.  So in this hand, someone raised and I looked at one card.  It was a seven, and I 3-bet him.  I 3-bet him and then he 4-bet me, and I felt like he was bluffing.

Who was this player? Was he someone you knew?

No he was this Russian guy who was very active, and he acted really quickly every time he was bluffing as well. So I looked down, I had two sevens, and I was like, “Oh no." If I had known what I had I would have just flatted him in the first place. So I called and the flop come QJ2 rainbow.  He bet the flop and I called.  The turn was a ten.

You always call the flop here?

I’m not going to call, set mine, and fold, obviously.  I thought he was weak to start and I think he’s going to bet the flop pretty much every time.  So It’d be bad to fold a lot of flops.  The turn was a ten, which is a weird card, and he checked.  To be honest, I thought I was probably still winning but there’s a chance he could have a ten here and I just bet with the intention to move in if he called.  Because my hand looks like jacks, queens, or something big.

When you bet there are you always betting twice?

I was all in on every river if he called.  If he check calls I'm literally all in on pretty much every river, every brick, because he has one pair too often.  He ended up tanking for a long time and then folded, but if I had got the hand wrong it was trouble, as I had at least 60% of my stack in on the turn. 

I expected him to check call one more time, to be honest, with a wholde lot of hands.  But that was an important hand because if I'd lost it the momentum would have been gone and then instead I went and doubled my stack without a showdown on the bubble.

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