WSOPE Calling All Streets

Nov. 1, 2011, Hand played by MartinsAdeniya

Martins Adeniya, fresh off a final table in EPT London, played this hand on WSOPE Day 1 against Will The Thrill Failla.

Questions & Answers

What was the background to this hand?

It was just before the break against Will The Thrill Failla.  He's got a funny accent and he's just there like, making noise. He plays a lot of hands. 

I had just won a big pot the hand before this one.

Could you have played any streets differently?

I could have 3-bet preflop.  I'm going to start 3-betting him more because he's opening too many pots. So I'm going to keep him honest, I guess.

Do you think he was betting the river on a lot of cards?

I don’t know that much about him, but from what I hear he bluffs a lot.  I think he is going to bluff a lot of rivers that I'm going to make money on.

What about the turn? Was the turn automatic?

The turn is a standard call.  There's no point in raising on the turn.  He's only gonna call with better.  Actually this sort of player might call with worse, but there's still not value in raising the turn, it just bloats the pot. 

Were you just trying to find the lowest variance way to play the hand?

He doesn’t like folding, either.  If I 3-bet him preflop he's definitely calling or even 4-betting, and I don’t really want to get in a big preflop war with tens like that early, not at this stage surely.

How's your table been so far?

So far they've been letting me do my thing, allowing me to build my stack without showing down a hand.  They are letting me get away with what I've got to do. 

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