The big(ish) game & the last few months

Jan. 24, 2011

I´m far too lazy to blog regularly but after reading Martins blog i've been inspired to update (fwiw Alex´s old blog was one of the best i've ever read so make sure you look for updates on the farm website). So the upswing has continued since my last post, i'm currently up around $15k for the month and still somehow going strong. Pokers a funny game, I dont feel like i'm doing much differently than I was doing 2 or 3 months ago, I probably tilt less and enjoy myself when playing a bit more, but that comes with winning right? I can't think of any other game/sport that fucks with your emotions quite as much as poker.


I mean how can I be playing the same way one month break even and the next month win $20k? I guess thats why this game is too mentally exhausting for some people. Anyway pokerwise the last 3 Months have been the most enlightening and enjoyable of my relatively short poker life, I feel like i've come a fair distance from the innocent 100nl reg who never called a 3bet or check raised as a bluff. Getting my ass handed to me by the 200nl ipkr community seems to have done the trick, i'm just glad I didnt run good enough to paper over the cracks.



Live poker is a cruel mistress, she looks good but is actually annoying as fuck as i've found out in the last week. There was supposed to be a big game coming to Costa Rica, so of course we did what all degenerates do and rang the richest person we knew for backing (cheers james) got $100k shipped to a casino and readied ourselves by watching High Stakes poker (no joke). We were promised rich mexican fish, flying over to take part in a $50/100 game the like of which has never been seen in Costa Rica, unfortunately like most promises in the poker world it was complete bullshit. So we thought on our feet, if they were too useless to organise a game why dont we take the initiative and create the game ourselves! simples! So we rang the few poker guys we thought were rich enough to play decent stakes, they sorted a few fish and bobs your uncle we have a $10/20 game running that night! Now it might not seem big, but $10/20 for me is pretty high considering I grind ½ on the net. Buying in for $4k to a cash game feels pretty baller and rebuying several times throughout the night (ey zee?) only adds to the illusion. The games been running on and off for a few days now, we have probably put in a total of 30 hours live play and between the 3 of us are up the sum of....wait for it....$650.


Pathetic I know, and yes I am the biggest loser, stuck about $8k in the game after losing two $8k plus pots to the cardroom owner *cough*cough*, one where I managed to get it in with a wrap and a flush draw vs a flopped straight only to be told by elliott that he had folded basically all of my outs, cheers pal. So we are trying to make this game a regular deal, dont get me wrong, its by no means the softest 10/20 live game out there but its still insane value imo. I've told Elliott that I have a feeling i'm going to take a few of the more experienced guys for alot of money, they marry their hands and in a game this big that can be dangerous.


So the game continues and I will try to update and see if I can get out of the hole! (wp el for carrying the team and breaking us even btw!).


Life is pretty good at the moment, I do really miss my mates from time to time, going to the pub, chatting about something non poker related and just having a proper laugh. Cant wait to see them all in vegas in May tho, should be siiiiiick!


I havent weighed myself since the start of my bet 3 weeks ago. A source has told me that Crucksie has dropped 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks, fml! Anyway ive been living on Salad, Rice and Beans for the last 3 weeks, I think i've won pretty much every prop bet i've ever made and i'm pretty determined to win this one too, exercise is my big issue, i'm so lazy but me and craig have started to use our pool, we must look like two whales splashing around in there, fat fighters ftw

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