F**k Goals for the New year

Jan. 10, 2011

F*&k Goals

I´ve read alot of stuff about goal setting for the coming year in other poker related blogs, but if truth be told I dont really see the point.

This time last year I didnt know that the pokerfarm existed, I lived with my parents in the outskirts of London and I sure as hell didn´t know how to balance my range let alone 4bet bluff...now I live in a palace in Costa Rica, am moving into the world of mid stakes poker and have a team of 25 poker players to look after, I guess my point is, poker moves so quickly that I find it impossible to set myself goals when I dont have a clue where i´ll be this time next year, could I be crushing $5-10 or being crushed at .50-1? I guess the best I can do is to set myself a universal goal that should take care of everything, try and improve and learn as much as possible while having a shit load of fun along the way!

I should probably introduce myself. I'm Adam (ctrlaltdegen) a 22 year old uni graduate who is trying to make it in this crazy world of poker. I joined the Pokerfarm a year back with the promise of staking and a tidy profit deal! To say the last 12 months have been interesting is an understatement.
From grinding 16 tables in Borenwood to helping out the bras (sp)?? and crashing in Bordys multi million pad in Cape Town to opening a totally new office in Costa Rica San Jose, throw in a trip to the WSOP in the summer and you have yourself and interesting little year!

Somehow (ty elliott) I got myself involved in coaching *pause for laughter* when I had only been grinding properly for 4 months, I had one problem, I was shit.

So basically the last 8 months have consisted of me trying to rectify this slight problem by any means possible.From my brief time helping the guys out in the CR office i've definately noticed a universal problem the I suspect is common among most poker players,including myself. The inablilty to be self critical and analytical about our own game is usually our downfall. It's easy to blame run bad, being tired having personal problems as to why you are losing at poker but there comes a point where you have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask why the fuck are these guys crushing me? Its a
question I had to ask myself after getting taken for $15k at 200nl 4 months ago by players that quite simply were better than me. I thought about quitting, I was fucked off with poker and thought that I ran worse than Helmuth (who does run horribly btw). Its only when I started to do my homework, look into
the lines the biggest winners on the networks were taking, look into the stats the biggest winners play (you will be suprised how generic stuff like wtsd is with all the big winners) and start to think about why I was losing that my results started to improve. I adjusted my stats and my style, people don't want
to change, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

Anyway this is turning into a rambling, I want to post some interesting hands on here so next blog ill post some hero's gone right and some hero's gone wrong, I briefly remember raising a donk bet with 84 on a 973r board yesterday, turning a 4, checking behind and snapping a 3 times overbet on a 5 river, my read was, I have no read I call, obviously I was promptly shown the nuts and i cruel back into my box for a few hours.

Also i'm a fat bastard nowadays so i've decided to take a weight loss bet vs a South African sports bettor Crucksie which I will update on. He has the edge weighing in at like 225 pounds
to my 208, we are a week in and although I liked my edge to start he's suprised me with his dressing free salads, and seemingly endless supply of bottled water, I think he will crack tho, 18 pounds loss should be enough to scoop...no sweat.

Till next time.....


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2 Comments about F**k Goals for the New year

Mike Cp says:

11th of January 2011

relay and of your tricks of the trade on to me, i am a tremendously bad poker aswell but I do intent on cleaning house in las vegas. If you do i will trade them for mike's guide to roulette success...

Dzee1 says:

15th of January 2011

More weight bet info and line imo

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