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March 22, 2011

Manchester UKIPT trip report.


Thought id go for a slightly different post this time. Year is going decently so far so I decided to play a few small live events. Off the back of a pretty deep run in the Luton deepstack £500 (33/180 odd) I felt pretty good about parting with another 550 whilst on my tour of cultural cities of GB. The Manchester G is relatively close and with the guaranteed monster field full of stars satellite qualifiers looked like one not to miss. I recently played the Nottingham leg of this and the overall standard was probably 6/10.


I decided to room with a buddy of mind Dan Owsten, really nice guy from the “valley’s”. Rocked up early and had a good night out before getting some shuteye before the comp. Woke feeling good, went for a run just to get the circulation going, nice bit of brekky (£46 pastie selection from greggs for all, erm, 3 of us) and arrive early. Field looks pretty big and im glad I bought in online as its soldout. I nearly sold my Nottingham seat for 1.5 the asking price to a paddy who had flown over especially, I rejected that at the time but in hindsight I would snap in future. So I draw a starting table with Dan on the same table (good and bad- good in that im gonna have a laugh and banter, bad in that he’s a mental welshie who will probs have a wand-waving competition. Also at the table is a guy called Steve from dtd, who iv played before at cash and views me as good/mad. Another guy with a remarkable likeness to Matt Damon starts walking to the table, headphones on and has just been speaking with Jon Spinks. He looks pretty focused so I figure ill break his composure by asking what his next film is, if he enjoyed smashing Sarah Silvermans back doors in etcetc. Anyhow, turns out his name is Rhys and he seems to have let his guard down/shown a tadge of his emotive makeup. Other players include a an old conservative guy iv played cash with at the vic before who is shocking and a few other dinosaurs. Looks pretty good. One other circuit reg on my left, think hes gone fairly loose pre but solid/abc post.


15k starting, lovely early ante structure, thinking this is gonna be fun. I start off with some early splashing, show a bluff to Dan, get shown a bluff. Then about 3 orbits in a player jumps in on the button (assume late reg, or just late). I open Qjcc utg+1, Dan flats from mp and the button makes a pretty big squeeze. I have a peek and he’s pretty uncomfortable, so make a small 4bet, to which he quickly folds. Im aware nobody is looking at me too intensely (I have a tell I sometimes drop, still working on it but it comes out at times) and elect to show. Dan shows AK and the guy is still reluctant, assume he either made some ridic huge fold or (more likely) just watched a card runners vid in his hotel room before dropping into a monkey comp. That show was pretty important as I open AA utg, get flatted by about 4 players before a young BB makes a chunky 3b. I click it and he snap jams. We hold against QQ and are upto 35k.


I then win and lose a few small pots before Dan opens and I 3bet QQ from the button, he gives me “im gonna wrap this chair around ur head” look before calling. 67Jr and he check calls. The turn is a 2 putting 2 hearts out and I elect to bet big again, he calls. The river is a dream, pairing the 6 and not completing the flush. I got for the overbet, he paiiiiiiiiiiiiis me off. I then lose a pot to same villain making a small turn cr with flopped gd+bdfd, turning fd, barrelling , then giving up when the river pairs a card that makes my value range ridic thin in terms of combinations. Im now up to about 55k (the average is roughly 18) at the start of one of the key hands for my tournament. Dan opens utg and I call 89cc in the co, the button peels. This button has 3bet me twice before this hand, showing me JJ and AK, both 3bets were with about 10/15 seconds of deliberation. Button calls and we go 3way to the flop. 99Tdd matches my hand pretty well. Dan leads for about 1250 into 1800, I raise to 3575. The guy on my left now instantly makes it 8k from a 25k stack. I  mean SNAP. Dan now goes into the tank for eternity, I mean I call the clock on him as a joke after about 10 minutes after hes saying this is the biggest fold he’s ever made, why did I raise, lablab, anyhow he folds. So it’s back on me and im kinda like wtf. Dan’s enormous deliberation makes me think he’s either folded Qjdd or maybe 9x, 97/98/J9 only. Combinations wise I think there’s just too big a chance this guy has Axdd/some funky AA/KK or a 9. it’s a pretty shitty spot. Im convinced this guy is not good enough to snap raise TT or T9 to level me, so after weighing it up I think I have to stack off. I jam after about 1 min (been thinking while dan has obv) and guy shows me the ol K9. Still got some get-theres on the 6 turn but nah. So down to 35k. I then play a big pot against Matt Damon, he checks a JT5cc board against me and Dan 2nd to act as the pfr. The T turn and I bet and get raised….hmmmm. I have a 5  and im certain this guy bets most of his value hands including any decent T against us two on this flop, so peel. The river is a 2 and he puts in a big bet after I check. Couple of years ago id give him this but I give him the Romanello and this guy is not happy, getting better at this reading malarkey and make the call to get back to 50. At this stage im pretty happy, playing pretty well and about double ave. We have the 3rd break and after a smoke, walk and rebull im thinking lets do a Charlie sheen and get “winning”.


Back at the table and I get involved in a pot against a granite, but a board he hates, think he 3bets smallish pre (stacks were horrid for him) and the board comes 679ss. He cbets, I float 45cc. Turn is a J, he bets, I raise and he calls. The K river is a bit meh given I think he has AA/KK a tonne but fire the third to set him in. He makes a pretty big, good call with AJ and im down to 40k. Still no probs. I open a few times, but Matt Damon is getting short so im kinda handcuffed in my late position steals so sit back for a bit. Then comes the second key hand. I open A7cc off 42k to 975 at 200/400/25. The button (the guy who held K9 earlier/3bet JJ/AK pre) flats and Rhys (Matt Damon) jams for 5.2k. Im unsure if I like fold/jam/min iso or call in this spot, still undecided, will want opinions tbh. Anyhow I call and villain calls. Flop JT4cc. Looks preeety good. I hate betting and getting raised off my hand, so elect to check jam flop (stakcs are pretty sweet for this). He checks back instantly. The turn is a T, completing my flush. I elect to get fancy and check. He bets 8.5k. I now think about my image/hands iv shown down etc and decide to rep a whiffed KQ/AQ with a club if the river brings a non-club. The river is a brick 7. The pot is 30k and I have 25k back. I elect to bet 16k (needs to be this size to be a bluff) and the guy snap jams on me. Oh dear god, really? JT4ccTc7. A7cc. Ok now things are getting interesting. He 3bet me previously with JJ and I kinda rule that out for that reason. JT is a possibility but 5k pre seems too expensive. 44 is a definite possibility/longshot, but he SNAP checked back flop, without thought or real interest it seemed. I have a 7, so that means 77 betting the turn for some protection, getting there pre, actually holding the 1 combo of 77 seems like a longshot. But the nagging thing in the back of my mind is “is this guy capable of value jamming worse or bluffing?”. I decide there is probably between 0-1% chance he’s bluffing. Its just not happening given the potsize/how he plays and how the hand has played out. So that leaves worse for value. Im gonna give him Kqcc for sure, he surely can have this hand. So I figure im losing to  3 combos of 44, gonna give him 3 JTs and im gonna give him Kqcc and another random Jto. Im also gonna give him another combo of random clubs. So im outweighed by 3.5:1 on value hands. If I fold im left with 15k, probably workable. If I call and win ill be the new proud owner of a near 100k stack, with direct position on a new player at the table who has 80k who is pretty bad. I elect to sigh call, despite the fact I know im gonna be wrong a lot and call. He rolls over T7s for a river boat, a hand I had completely discounted. I feel like throwing up and shake his hand. Nh, gg, wp.


Since then iv been playing a lot online, getting my arse handed to me by EV (im running bad this month for 10k) and recently been called a “fancy-play-syndrome” fish in a new deuces-cracked video. Marvellous. Today seems to have turned that around, with a chunky 7k winning session and some fun poker, these 2 hands in particular against same villain were nice. Tilt him with the 1st, hold in the second, easy game. Obviously in the first I think hes FOS raising this flop and when I turn a pair against what I think is a flush draw im happy. The second im just counting the money with 10 cleanies and a tonne of FE repping a lovely wide value range. Then he snaps and I realise im ahead, woopwoop.


$5/$10  No Limit Holdem


4 Players

Hand Conversion Powered by



CO  UnknownAlias6 $923.75

BTN  Cog1tus $1,123

SB  jammyjenny $1,075

BB  rush1234 $938.75


Pre-Flop: ($15, 4 players) jammyjenny is SB Qd Jd

UnknownAlias6 raises to $30, 1 fold, jammyjenny raises to $80, 1 fold, UnknownAlias6 calls $50


Flop: 4d As 7d ($170, 2 players)

jammyjenny bets $105, UnknownAlias6 raises to $210, jammyjenny calls $105


Turn: Qc ($590, 2 players)

jammyjenny checks, UnknownAlias6 goes all-in $633.75, jammyjenny calls $633.75


River: Jc ($1,857.50, 2 players, 1 all-in)


Final Pot: $1,857.50

UnknownAlias6 shows

Ad Td

jammyjenny shows

Qd Jd


jammyjenny wins $1,855.50 (net +$931.75)


UnknownAlias6 lost $923.75



$5/$10  No Limit Holdem


5 Players

Hand Conversion Powered by



UTG  jammyjenny $1,093.75

CO  MoxyRox $2,214.90

BTN  Cog1tus $2,030.05

SB  rush1234 $475

BB  UnknownAlias6 $1,000


Pre-Flop: ($15, 5 players) jammyjenny is UTG 4s 4h

jammyjenny raises to $30, MoxyRox calls $30, 2 folds, UnknownAlias6 raises to $110, jammyjenny calls $80, MoxyRox calls $80


Flop: 5h 6d 3s ($335, 3 players)

UnknownAlias6 bets $233.33, jammyjenny goes all-in $983.75, MoxyRox folds, UnknownAlias6 calls $656.67


Turn: Td ($2,208.75, 2 players, 1 all-in)


River: 6h ($2,208.75, 2 players, 1 all-in)


Final Pot: $2,208.75

UnknownAlias6 shows

Ac Ks

jammyjenny shows

4s 4h


jammyjenny wins $2,206.75 (net +$1,113)


UnknownAlias6 lost $1,000

MoxyRox lost $110




Recently iv signed a few more players for our remote staking team, some of them are absolute sharks in the making, like dogfish just getting ready to eat their way up the food chain, hope they all do really well. Also started writing again for poker player, so buy a copy to hear my latest advice on how to spew off monies at an unprecedented rate….oh wait, Charlie Sheen has got that covered. Peace out.


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