My first WSOP event

Dec. 8, 2010

Every poker players dream is to hit the lights of Vegas and play in the biggest tournaments around the world! This year I was one of the lucky few to go to Vegas for 3 weeks of poker, poker and errrr more poker! (With a lot of drinking and roulette obvs).

As I had never been before, I didn’t know what to expect and was very excited about the poker filled weeks ahead.

The reality of it all was instant as I pulled up to the house I would be staying in. None like I had ever stayed in before! I couldn’t wait to dump the suit case and head down to the strip for the first time.

Sooooo the fun begins......

My first tournaments a $1000 freeze out with the winner due to pick up around $500,000. Easy money aye, except there would be 5000 runners and some of the best players around the world gunning for the bracelet. My day 1 began well, hitting the deck and doubling my 3000 starting stack within the first level. By the dinner break I had a mountain of chips, having KK aip v TT the last hand before dinner always helps!

The end of day 1 draws near and I am big chip leader on my table and playing the best I had for a long time!

Day 2 begins with a fresh table draw, and unfortunately I was drawn between an FTP pro and a crazy Chinese guy, making it very difficult to play the small pot poker I had been playing the previous day. After being very card dead and admittedly run over for the last 4 hours, we were 5 players away from the bubble! I decided to rock up to make sure I made the money and then would go mental from there. Bubble bursts! And my table is the one to break, good times. The table change did me good and I managed to take control of the table within a few rounds, building my stack back up. I then was dealt AK in the bb and it folds to cut off. He opens and the button flats, I 3b and the opener tank folds. To my surprise the button snap jams on me! I think for a while and really feel he has 99/TT and decide to make the call. Indeed my read was semi correct and he flips JJ. Boards runs out 234 for the sweat, but had no get there tokens left in the bank. This left me very short and a few hands later found myself jamming QTcc on the button for my last 13bb and called by A9 in the bb. I flop the world KJ7cc and somehow managed to fade my billion outs. SIGH! But a wicked start to the trip!


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1 Comment about My first WSOP event

Kai - Team Tyler Durden says:

5th of January 2011

UL bro. GL this year!

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