Busy Week

Aug. 25, 2011

For about the 5th time in the last 18 months, we were plunged into a housing crisis this week. Ok thats somewhat overdramatic but we were once again forced to reasses our living arrangements when we realised that the lease on our house is up in two weeks time.

A friendly email from Stef to the landlord explaining that we were not sure if we could afford to keep paying the $2250 plus bills that we are currently paying, was met by a less friendly response explaining that he was looking for new tenants. Oh. We'll just find somewhere else to live in 10 days time then. Between me, Daniella and Stef (mainly the second two) we were able to make appointments with estate agents and see some places that we could afford. As you can imagine, looking at flats with the two pickiest people you know can be a frustrating experience. We saw several places that were really nice, but the girls managed to find faults with anything: "there's no room for anyone to stay over", "there's no hanging space for my dresses", "there's no where to store the suitcases."

On Sunday we walked into a flat that neither could find fault with. In fact, the only murmurings of concern came from me given that it was a little bit outside of our budget. In the end I decided that the extra bedroom, the office space, the view, the pool area, the awesome kitchen was worth paying a bit more for and with the owner agreeing to lower the asking price as well as pay the condominio, water, internet and tv, it represents a serious saving on what we are paying now.

With living arrangements moreorless sorted I can now concentrate on poker. I've played so few hands this month its embarrasing. So with just a few days of the month left I want to play a ton of hands. The Poker Hispano Tour is also coming to Costa Rica this week. I intend to play the $50, $300 and $500 tournies and hopefully satellite into the the $1500 main event. If i dont manage that I may just buy in now that elliott has decided I have too much of my own money to be backed for it. Lol.

Finally a quick Fantasy League Update. I was very happy with my team going in to week 1 other than the fact that the website crash meant that my swap of Riise for gabbidon didn't save meaning Gabbidon played and Riise sat on the bench. Gabbidon played in a 4-0 defeat scoring an own-goal and subsequently scored -2 whilst Riise kept a clean sheet and scored 6 points. TILT. Week 2 I outscored almost everybody with my decision to make Bent captain, rather than Torres or Aguero like everyone else, paying dividend bagging me 18 points compared to the 2 and 4 of Torres and Aguero respectively. I'm currently leading everyone I'm betting with bar Ruds, and sit second in the pokerfarm league. I've also got a new weekly bet with Zee and Elliott, betting $100 each per gameweek on highest score that week. Last year El picked his team at the start of the year and didnt make a single change all season, so I think this bet is signioficantly +ev !!

Oh and quick brag now, lifetime graph on doylesroom :

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