Day 11 – Computer Says “No”

March 12, 2011

Anyone who has played a lot of online poker can tell you that on occassion, there will be days where no matter how well you play, how many great calls or heroic folds you make, you just cannot win. Your opponents flop sets, straights, flushes, hit runner-runner miracles, whilst you miserably toil away with little more than Ace high. Sadly, today was one of those days for me. Carbon decided to doom-switch me and i was powerless to stop it. Below i have posted links to every pot where i lost a buy-in : : Biggest pot of the day : Normal : Have seen Adam do this, seems to work out better for him : BVB, he 3bet me every time i opened : CO is huge fish which i think makes my flat o.k. just : 3bet of 15% : Happens at least once a day : 4bet range of 5% : 4bet range of 5% : “Win a flip one time” : “Win a flip one time, boom set. Wait, where is she? … there she is” : “Win a  flip one time, wait i’m ahead … no i’m not” : Meh : River shove is pretty thin but he’s kinda retarded. meh : Overpair in 3bet pot bvb, but vs unknown still a fold i think : Villain is crazy lagtarded. Flop check raise 29% over 800 hands. Flop is probably still a fold : Villain is massive fish. Should have bet the river smaller and folded to a jam : Pure spew. He had 3bet of 19% over 300 hands but still spew : Owned, nh wp


Some mistakes from me but still pretty sick. Here is the graph :

4941 hands -$950

Total for the month :  hands 74478, +$322 sigh

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