Day 14 – New Day , New mindset, New winrate?

March 15, 2011

woke up this morning to the sound of the alarm. For several minutes i struggled to remember why it was buzzing so tiltily at such a ridculous hour. Slowly, memories of frustrating, sloppy, increasingly frustrating poker sessions scattered over a miserable weekend of mouse-banging and swearing returned to me, along with the resolution that resulted from them. Today it was back to the gym. Tempting as it was to delay my return to that place, I got up, put on Some of Nicky Skone’s ludicrously small shorts and some trainers and was in the gym by 9. I’m not going to pretend i had an intense workout. Day 1 is all about easing yourself back in. I did a little cycling, lifted some weights (there really is nothing like the feeling of reaching down, pulling out the pin, and setting the machine to the 2nd lightest weight possible) and did a little running. I was mildly concerned that a 6 month hiatus from physical exercise accompanied by a Guiness World Record-challenging consumption level of beer and fast food not to mention occasional relapses into smoking, may have left my heart a little weaker than previously. A mid-treadmill cardiac arrest would have done serious damage to my hopes of playing 200,000 hands this month, so i was careful not to over-do it.

I left the gym buzzing. I had forgotten how good that feeling is. I felt positive, determined and confident. I knew there would be no B-game today :

And i was right. 7000 hands later i finish the day $1120 in profit.

Obviously it helps that i didn’t take a ton of horrific beats and that for the most part, my big hands held up but i’m convinced that had i woken up at 10 and gone straight to the computer, that graph would look very different. So it’s back to the gym tomorrow … If i can walk.

I very nearly reached the milestone of 100k hands today -

Hands: 99,056

P+L:  +$720

I’m 49.528% of the way to 200k hands after just 14 days and i’m back in the black. It looks like it’s still going to be quite a sweat though as i’m sure there are more swings to come. I now need to play an average of 5937 hands per day for the remaining 17 days of the month, easy.

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