Day 15 – Same Sh*t, Different Day

March 16, 2011

Well that upswing was shortlived. Went to the gym, came back, did my balls. Pretty happy with my play though.


I lost 5 of 6 preflop allins -

Won KK vs JJ

Lost KK vs QQ

Lost AK vs JJ

Lost AK vs QQ

Lost QQ vs AA

Lost AK vs AA


Postflop i did a stack on this hand :

The turn is a fold. I was going to fold but saw that over 1000 hands his WWSF was 58, Aggression 7, Turn check/raise 43%. Those stats are crazier than Chaper’s which was enough to convince me not to fold, but the fact is when i open the gun and 2barrel this board he is not ever going to checkraise bluff. The relative positions pre and the fact that i have lots of nut hands in my range added to a relatively clean image means he would have to be stupid to bluff in this spot and i’m miles behind his value range. It’s not like he’s checkraising AT unless he’s awful. So it looks like a cooler but actually i think not folding the turn is a pretty big and very avoidable mistake. I knew it at the time but it was just after the KK vs QQ hand and i probably wasn’t thinking 100% clearly.

I also managed to do two stacks with big bluffs which is not something i do too often :

So i 3bet pre, cbet flop with the intention of firing most turns as i know he is flatting me fairly wide, 4betting KK+AK, and floating soemtimes on the flop, expecting him to fold everything but Kx and sets to two barrels. The turn is pretty bad for me, hitting his range really hard and really widening his turn calling range, so i just check/giveup. When he checks back i felt like his range was 100% onepair hands. I was pretty sure he would bet all of his 2pair+ on this texture when i check to him and check back all of his 1 pair hands, including Kx looking to bluff catch the river with the stronger ones. The river came a 7 putting a  4 straight on the board. I didn’t think he had any 6x as he would likely fold the flop with 66 and bet 67s on the turn. 56s is possible but he probably folds that pre, though not definately. The only other straight possible is TJ and whilst it is very possible it is also quite likely he bets it on the turn. I thought he would bluff catch pretty often on the river with Kx and maybe some weaker hands, as i can only really rep a whiffed turn c/r, but that he’s fold his whole range other than an unlikely TJ to a shove. He had JT.


The other hand was this one which was late in the session and horrible :

I call pre with 22, pretty standard so far. I should fold to his squeeze but I has a pair and I’m tilted. I should fold the flop but I has a pair and I’m tilted. Turn, whatever. River, overbetting is so bad. I rep such a narrow range and induce hero calls. In the last hand i like my overbet because i think it gets folds from hands that would otherwise call a normal size bet. In this hand i think i induce calls from hands that would otherwise fold to a normal bet. Also Villain is a bit better in hand 2 than in hand 1 and will probably realise that when i check turn and shove river i’m completley FOS. This hand is a great example of why you should quit when you start to tilt. If i hadn’t just lost a couple of pots i would never have spewed out so badly. From now on, when i take a couple of beats and feel the red mist start to descend, i’m just gonna snap quit. My monthly graph shows too many instances of a mini-downswing turning into major downswing due to tilt and It’s really hurting my bottom line. Below i have highlighted the big downswings in the graph, i think all of those vertical lines could be half the size if i had quit when i feel myself start to tilt.

Thats 10 separate near-vertical lines where i’ve lost over $500 in under 1000 hands. Don’t get me wrong, in all of these little periods i’ve ran horribly but they’ve laso been accentuated by tilt. If i’d quit the tables as soon as i felt my game deteriorate, i probably could have saved myself at least $1000.

Oh well, just won this pot on stars ***warning non-holdem hand***  SCOOOOOOOOOOP


The good news is that i’m over 50% of the way through the challenge having played 102,792 hands, woohooo. The bad news is i’m now back to $350 down :(

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