Day 7 – And on the 7th Day He Did Not Rest

March 9, 2011

As much as i wanted to take my lead from the big man upstairs and have a day off on day 7, i knew it would be a bad idea. After just 4500 hands in two days over the weekend a big day was in order. So i resisted the urge to hit snooze on the alarm and was up at 9.30 ready to grind. Before i started i decided to do a little analysis of my play before and after the challenge started. Here is what i found :

My redline ! I couldnt believe how bad it was. Obviously playing 12 tables had turned me into a passive post-flop nit. It was also clear that all of the upswings in the graph were accompanied by a flat redline whereas all of the break-even stretches were accompanied by a downward-trending redline. So i decided that i was going to be less of a nit and, as Degen says to his players, “stop playing cards and start playing poker.”

And it worked out pretty well. Playing a little more aggressively, running better than previously and winning also meant that putting in volume was no problem at all. Come 1.30am i had played 9200 hands and was $1050 in the black. VAMOS.

Monday -

Challenge so far -

So, one week into the challenge and I’m in profit (barely) and ahead of where i need to be in terms of hands.


Totals :

hands : 50121

p+l : +$344



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