Days 18,19,20 – What a Terrible Weekend …

March 21, 2011

… In terms of Volume. Friday 7200 hands, Saturday 5300 hands, Sunday 3200 hands.


What an awesome weekend in terms of run-good and P&L.

It looks like a Craig Cole graph (the difference between the green and red lines I mean, not the sharp upswing LDO)

It is nice to finally run good after running bad for so long but I don’t think thats the only reason for my upswing. I watched this DC video by Sthief09 which inspired me to analyse my own game a little. I would recommend it to any player of any level who wants to analyse their database to try to find some of their own leaks. These were my conclusions :

  • wtsd = high, w$sd = regular, wwsf = lowish. Calling down too light and not bluffing enough
  • river aggression = low – not turning made hands into bluffs enough, generally not bluffing river enough
  • calling way too many cbets
  • wwsf lowish – not fighting enough for pots
  • won w/o showdown very low, not attacking weakness enough
  • bet vs. missed cbet too low
  • not checkraising enough flops
  • turn cbet success v.low
  • losing from opening too wide utg and CO
  • doing balls 4betting marginals stuff

I’ve made a big effort over the last 3 days to improve these things and i have no doubt that my results are much better for it. The difference is pretty big, below are two graphs, the first shows my first 10k hands of this month, the second is the last 10k hands.

So with 20 days gone i have played 128,275 hands and i’m $2773 in the black. good times. It’s really important that i play a ton of hands this week so i dont have too big of a sweat towards the end of the month. Below is the graph of the whole month, LOL swongs :

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