Days 22 and 23 – Record breaking days

March 24, 2011

I wanted Tuesday to be a record breaking day, aiming to play more than my previous best 10,438 hands in one day.

The day started badly as i opened up some tables and immediately got set over setted and got QQ in vs AA blind-on-blind. Zee decided this would be a good time to be as irritating as possible on MSN pestering me to come grind in the office to get the “vibe” back. I’d played 200 hands and was already tilting balls and decided that getting out of the house wasn’t such a terrible idea and headed to the office. It was good to see guys i hadn’t seen in ages and to just have some interaction with other human beings rather than avatars and nicknames. I played 5500 hands there and won $150. I had been up $550 but got doomswitched the final 1000 hands. When i left the office i had a sneaking suspicion that Carbon hadn’t quite finished with me. I felt like it was waiting patiently in the cyber wilderness, ready to pounce on me and bend me over as soon as i pressed login again. However that sneaking suspicion wasn’t enough to stop me coming back to the house and sitting straight back down to play again. As Phil Helmuth so often tweets, “I wish i had followed my instincts.” I sat down and played 1352 hands and lost $900. A record for the single worst session, worst $/hour, worst feeling after a session, worst everything.

I couldnt retrieve the hands from the computer at the office but the day ended approximately 700 hands -$950. I have no graph for the day so i have drawn one in MSpaint with artists’ impressions of my moods …

I woke wednesday a little concerned that the doomswitch might have stayed activated. Within the first 100 hands i had flush under flush and trips vs a boat and new that indeed it was. However i did what all poker players should do in this situation -

1. Stay calm

2. Stay aggresive

3. Slowroll the sh*t out of a shortstacker (pic below)

Note the use of the timebank

The poker gods were pleased by this and the boomswitch was pressed. And it must have got jammed because I ran like God all day. Hence Day 23 was a record-breaking day for all of the right reasons. 7354 hands +$2152

And I believe that takes me to almost exactly 75% of the challenge completed with 8 days remaining. 50k hands to go ….

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