Wecome to my maniacal world

Dec. 8, 2010

yo here’s my first entry I just rambled a bit about some stuff ive been thinking about lately.

Hey ya all, Welcome to the world of a somewhat maniacal poker player!!

My name is Zaza and I've been with the pokerfarm for a few months now and it has been a blessing so far. I had to adjust to the games on Ipoker since they play a little differently in some areas of the game compared to the bigger American sites as  the likes of full tilt or stars. Things are slowly starting to fall into place, and I cannot wait to put in more volume for the months to come. This month has started out pretty swingy with a lot of back and forth, but I am actually optimistic that things will turn around soon, for the better.

-Goals for the month are playing around 45k hands and most importantly working on my mindset. I really think that a lot of good players struggle in that compartment and end up literally screwing themselves. I ,unfortunately, have to admit that I've gone on tilt more than once in my poker career and it cost me dearly. I've come up with some small things that should help me control it better
in future, like taking a deep breath and resetting your mind after a bad beat or big pot u lost, and most importantly taking small breaks whenever I feel that I'm starting to get frustrated. Although it may not sound very significant I truly think it could have a tremendous impact on my mindset and will hopefully bring me closer to mastering my emotions. I really believe that this is key to becoming a crusher in the

Anyway enough about tilting and self control for now, I'll keep u informed on my progress in that area. :) !!

I've been analyzing my database lately and I've noticed something really important: First of all people don't know the fold button anymore with all the videos out there and information, everybody has become wayyyyy to paranoid and doesn't care to think about considerations like recent
history, recent image at the table, if someone may  or may not be on tilt, and if someone is steaming cos he just lost a big pot. All people look at nowadays is their own hand strength and don’t care much at all if ur range is veryyyy narrow for bluffing in some spots or not, so in general what I've found myself confronted with is that I have to give up more since all these wannabe superstars nowadays don’t find the fold button. A good example would be a Axxxx board which people wont 3barrel bluff very often, but when u attempt to u get snapped off by top pair cos people disregard ur perceived range for betting multiple streets on such a board. This is just one of many examples but I was really troubled by all the spots I found in my HEM database where in real game I thought it  was a good bluff spot and just decided to forget I got called by a part of his range I didn’t expect to bluffcatch.It's just astonishing so I'm definitely going to try to cut down on bluffing in some spots where people realize they have a bluff catcher and wont give it up no matter how bad the board runs out.

I feel like I've been rambling a bit about this but it's something I discovered a few days ago and it's definitely going to influence a few areas of my game. What I almost forgot to say was that I used to give people not enough credit for having it and way too much credit to have the ability to pull of big bluffs, even though the board textures sometimes dictates that u should  bluff at it. So I've come to the conclusion that most of the time, even though it looks like they don’t have it and they must be bluffing, they do end up having it cos most of the nl100-200 world is not capable of firing 3 bullets even though it is very much so called for in certain spots. So don’t be afraid to make some at first glance, thin folds cos u usually wont make a big mistake in doing so, on the opposite calling is most of the times going to be the bigger and effectively much more costly mistake.
Anyway I think I rambled enough for tonight and will  post some interesting  hands next time to make it more interesting.

GL at the tables and some rungoood for u guys, I'm off grinding again.


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3 Comments about Wecome to my maniacal world

Baton Rouge Inflatables says:

19th of December 2010

It here if I am not mistaken.

bear jeww says:

9th of January 2011

most post please

Hot amateure says:

9th of February 2011

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. (Winston Churcill).

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