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Does anyone recommend any in particular...?

I'd like to really get involved in the strategy side of the game and hopefully put it to good use in my own game. I'm a small stakes player and I haven't been involved in alot of decent strategy talkings or situations but would like to start getting serious about my game. Knowledge is power am I right?

I've been searching through eBay and google but there's quit a few to choose from so I'm looking for some tips, reviews and recommendations on books you've read or heard are a good read.


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i wouldnt bother with anything in regards to online cash, 2p2/online ebooks (such as let there be range, the poker puzzle etc) are much more current. with regard to theory, the theory of poker is still close to the nuts, but is a bit heavy and will take a few attempts in all likelihood.

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Originally Posted by chris


Have you read it, what's it like? I know who David Sklansky is but know next to nothing about him to know if he is actually someone with good advice and knowledge.


Yeh i've read it. It's in 2 sections, the first is quite general theory stuff, then the second is a bunch of smaller concepts and 'weapons'.  It's good because it focuses on the 'why' certain plays are better than others rather than trying to teach how to play specific situations.

Agree with jammyjenny though that most online material is far superior to any printed book

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A friend at WSOP suggested Harrington on Holdem - it's 3 books i think.  I think it has a lot to do with Tournament play, but a lot of it is relevant.

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Best ive read are the Harrington books. Loved the tourny ones and the cash ones are good too. I definately wouldnt bother with super system. Despite its size its a bit brief as it tries to cover a huge range of games and is very dated. Havent read the full tilt one but have heard good things. Best place for poker strategy is probably forums. 2+2 is the biggest as far as im aware but it does lead to some idiot posts. But either way you get to see peoples thought processes. If you look to play Omaha, Jeff Hwangs books are good.

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Poker strategy books I would recommend are 'The Mathematics of Poker' by Bill Chen, but it is difficult to digest especially if you're not that good with numbers (just like I was), but if you're signed with DeucesCracked there is a series based on the book by coach 'bellatrix' on the series 'Math Attacks' who breaks down each chapter per episode for novices. Like previous posts, the best books are those that focus on 'why' we make plays, not just on 'specific' situations'. The book can also be applied to both NLHE and other variants including stud, draw and other community card games as the fundamentals of poker can all be applied to all variants, which I believe that mixed games, really is the NLHE of the future.

'Let there be range' by Tri Nguyen and Cole South and the other roster of books are good, but focus too much on specific situations determined by todays game which isn't a good place to build a foundation for your game and not also mentioning that it costs over $1k (but can be retrieved if you know how), but the book was so easy to digest, that I would recommend it than the harrington books.

And also the 2+2 content is goldust + FREE but sometimes its hard to sift through some of bad beat stories, banter and boasting that goes in it. However, this links provides you with a shortcut to exactly what you're looking for as they both cover fundamentals for cash and mtts specifically for NLHE.

Hope this helps