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Does anyone recommend any in particular...?

I'd like to really get involved in the strategy side of the game and hopefully put it to good use in my own game. I'm a small stakes player and I haven't been involved in alot of decent strategy talkings or situations but would like to start getting serious about my game. Knowledge is power am I right?

I've been searching through eBay and google but there's quit a few to choose from so I'm looking for some tips, reviews and recommendations on books you've read or heard are a good read.


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You didnt mention if you're going to play tournaments or cashgames.

If you are going tournaments, I think you should always start with Harrington on Holdem Volume 1,2 and 3. It learns you the basis idea how you should analyse your hands but after you studied it, you wont be ready for modern poker because the game changed a lot since those books came out.

After that you should absolutely read Winning Poker Tournaments: one hand at a time, Volume 1 & 2, those books boosted my game and my profit to a level I never expected.

IMO Let there be range comes when you are already a winning player and want to perfect your game.



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when i was a newbie in poker, i read Frank Wiese’s Eat Professional Poker Players Alive. Simple, with a lot of useful tips and stagegies (of course not for super-professional, but for those who at the beggining or pre-intermediate level in poker).