Andy Mosely - Pokers Best Kept Secret?

Dec. 12, 2011, Posted by Pokerfarm

Andy Mosely - Pokers Best Kept Secret?

After Andy Moseley’s impressive display in The Pokerfarms live stream high stakes cash game in Prague last week the forums became a buzz with everyone asking the same questions. Who is Andrew Moseley and where did he come from?

The truth is anyone in the UK poker scene, especially the live scene will know all about Andy. He may not be a household name and has certainly not won any major tournament to note but has spent the last year playing in some of the biggest live cash games around the world. A talented, composed and very likeable character Andy’s success was never likely to stay a secret. Andy is rumoured to be a big winner in Macau as well as a consistent winner back home in the UK and in some of London’s biggest live cash games.

During the live stream game in Prague a certain incident occurred late into the evening when Andy returned from a dinner break. The game had all but broke and as a gesture to keep the game running Andy had offered to lend 30k to players at the table whose money was tied up at the casino cage. Whilst the players though Leon was aware of this it soon became apparent that was not the case. Leon who had previously been bluffed off a big hand by Andy was clearly unhappy by the behaviour of the young Brit. Protesting his innocent Andy had genuinely not tried to deceive Leon or any of the other players at the table. It didn’t work out in his favour that he was now sat with a shorter stack and it took some time to convince Leon of this.

None the less Leon was keen to get the action started again and things soon boiled down. Jesse May rightly pointed out in the commentary that he believed Leon may well have been flustered by Andy who had earlier shown him the bluff he made which wouldn’t have helped proceedings.

Andy went on to post his version of events on the 2+2 forums;

Just to clarify the argument...

I went for dinner, leaving my 70k stack on the table under the impression the game might run later. I received a phone call at dinner asking if another player could borrow 30k from my stack ( a player I know + trust ). I said that this was fine semi reluctantly as a favour- long as everyone in the game was comfortable with it.

When I returned to the game Leon asked where the 30k was. I told him immediately- assuming he already knew, and he now claimed he was not comfortable with me lending in this manner. This was obviously not a problem for me, so I went back and got the 30k to put it back on my stack.

The reason I lent the 30k off my stack and not from my pocket is because I had all the euros I had brought to Prague on the table.

Andy Moseley

Below we show both the hand in which Andy Bluffed Leon, and the argument that proceeded a few hours later.

Andy stuns Leon with this stone cold bluff


And then the argument and few hours later........


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ilovesushi says:

1st of January 2012

this article is basically the thread i started on 2+2. u didnt even change the title

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