BackBet - Raising The Stake of Online Poker

Oct. 9, 2011, Posted by Pokerfarm

BackBet - Raising The Stake of Online Poker

Titan Poker has recently introduced BackBet tables, an innovative new feature to enhance the action of its poker tables.

We are sure this will be rolled out to all the ipoker clients through playtech in the near furture but it looks Like Titan have the first hand with this product.

What is a Back Bet?

 A “Back Bet” is a side bet on something to happen (a prop bet) – a horse to win a race, a football team to win, or in poker’s case, winning a hand with the hole cards 27 offsuit. It’s just like a poker prop bet that you would regularly place in live games at casinos or with friends.


How does BackBet work?

Once you sit down at the table and are dealt into the hand you can start side-betting. Click on the BackBet icon next to the table and a sidebar will open, complete with all the betting options for the available BackBet games. All BackBet wagers are done directly through your poker account and not your balance at the poker table. The bet currencies go according to the table you’re playing on. 

If you are sitting out at a table you won’t be able to place a side bet, as you need to be an active player at the table. If you don’t receive any cards you won’t have anything to bet on.

Check out the “Betting History” section to review all of your previous betting results at the table you’re sitting at.


BackBet Games

Betting the board cards

Before each street is drawn, you will be able to bet on your prediction of which cards, color or suit will appear in the community cards, on the board. You have the option of betting on: all black/red flop, one card of a certain suit hitting the flop, one card of 9 and above, one card of Q and above, one card of 4 and below, suited cards etc.

BackBet Board Cards

Betting on your next pocket cards

Make a prediction for your next two hole cards. Odds will appear before the hands are dealt and you will be able to bet accordingly. You have numerous options: pairs, blackjack, 2 high cards, 2 low cards, 2 face cards, suited and connecters.

BackBet Pocket Cards

Betting on the outcome of your folded cards

Have you ever folded a winning hand?

Now you have the opportunity to win big! All you have to do is make a wager on the outcome of your folded hand. For example, you bet that your hole cards and community cards will form a straight, on the Turn. You can also bet that one of your hole cards will form a pair with one of the board cards and so on.

BackBet Folded Cards


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