The Big Blind - Poker Documentary

Jan. 29, 2012, Posted by Pokerfarm

The Big Blind - Poker Documentary

This isnt the newest poker documentary to be released, and certainly isnt the most detailed, but never the less always enjoyable to watch and good for the poker community.

Created, produced and centred around poker pro Alec Torelli, "The Big Blind" totally immerses the audience into the life of a poker pro as he strives to even greater heights in his poker career, and gives the viewer an exclusive tour of the authentic poker lifestyle.

Whilst the documentary is not quite long or capturing enough to 'immerse' the audience into any real sense of character or story line as such it still received positive feedback amongst much of the poker community.

One member of the 2+2 forum summed it p quite well by saying ; 

'I thought it was an entertaining watch, but nothing new/progressive/informative.'

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