Brits go close again

June 20, 2011, Posted by Pokerfarm

Brits go close again

Vegas saw potentially the loudest rail in the history of the WSOP on Saturday evening when a British rail armed with beer and vodka entered the Rio to sweat heroes Dan Morgan, Chris Moorman, Rupert Elder and Sam Grafton. All 4 had made it to day 3 of the $2.5k 6max event with Moorman coming back with huge chips. The biggest online winner of all time has yet to really hit it off in the live arena and the British rail came expecting a bracelet to be coming home.

Morgan and Grafton - both confirmed online sickos and Rupert Elder, EPT San Remo champion also had decent chips. It would be Elder who would leave us first when his top pair was beat by a flopped set, later Morgan would depart when his opponent made a questionable call pre flop for 1/3 of his stack with 79cc after Dan had originally 3bet from the blinds. Flop was 10c 6h Kc and his opponent seemed to have found the cure of too many outs syndrome and Dan would miss out on a WSOP final table.

The final table was set and with dozens of drunken Brits on the rail and hundreds more railing from back home, Chris Moorman looked like he was ready to kick start his live success. Unfortunately for the Brighton born grinder when his opponent decided to 3b/5b A2 it beat his AQ and then with 3 players remaining he got KJ all in pre against his opponents K9 which got there on the Q10x9x board. Sigh. Anyway no need for pessimism, the PokerFarm boys were in great voice throughout the final table and everybody is asking WHEN and WHO the next British bracelet is going to be not IF.

1 Oleksii Kovalchuk $ 689,739

2 Ionel Anton $428,140

3 Chris Moorman $271,800

4 Dan O'Brien $179,162

5 Mazin Khoury $121,416

6 Anthony Ruberto $84,549

7 Will Failla $60,473

8 Eric Hettinga $60,473

9 Benjamin Pollak $44,390

10 Antony Lellouche $44,390

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