Busy weekend for tournament players

May 26, 2011, Posted by Pokerfarm

Busy weekend for tournament players

With the current economic crisis, poker tours around the UK and Ireland have decided to scrap big buy in tournaments and attract larger numbers by putting on affordable games and accessible satellites. For the first time two huge events clashed on the same day and although people predicted disappointing turn outs, we eventually saw over 2000 players take to the felt this weekend.

First up was DTD's Gran Prix III. After two previous successful tournaments DTD owner Rob Yong decided to go all out and with a combination of "golden chips" (Yong's innovative idea where if you satellite online and make the final eight you instantly get £5000) and heavy marketing Yong managed to amass Europe's largest ever poker field of over 1500 runners!

After 7 grueling days (5 day ones!) the final table had no big names and therefore a big chance for a group of amateur players to secure a huge pay day and a welcomed boost to their bankrolls. All players were guaranteed an almost 1000% roi on their money and eventually after a hard fought final table, Morteza Sheykhel Islam and Anthony Fox decided to "chop" heads up and take €12,000 home each. Not bad for a €150 tournament

Official results:

1st: Morteza Sheykhel Islam €17810.00
2nd: Anthony John Fox €10083.20
3rd:Gary North €6302.00
4th: Tim Wright €4384.00

5th: Shivaan Popat €3562.00
6th: Gary Tomney €2466.00
7th: Andrew Green €1918.00
8th: Kelvin Mullis €1370.00
9th: Benard Maregedze €1096.00

Meanwhile over in Cork, the latest stop on the UKIPT circuit, 602 players turned out, all competing for the first prize of €71,000 which was eventually won by Sam Razavi. After getting into heads up with a 2-1 deficit against Irish rookie David O'Connor, the Aussie Millions final tablist turned things around and added to his impressive 2011 record.

1st:Sam Razavi, United Kingdom, €71,000
2nd:David O'Connor, Ireland, €41,200
3rd:Martin Mulsow, Germany, €25,200
4th:Jamie Flynn, Ireland, €18,500
5th:Allen McCauley, Ireland, €14,800
6th:Adam Jaguscik, Poland, €11,300
7th:Chris Dowling, Ireland, €8,900
8th:Peter Burnett, United Kingdom, €6,900
9th:Vincent O'Connor, Ireland, €4,915


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