Howard's day out

July 27, 2011, Posted by Pokerfarm

Howard's day out

So I popped over to London, England yesterday for some work stuff. I don't know if you heard but my company Full Tilt Poker have had some scheduled downtime going on and we had a little meeting with our guys from a place called Alderney. Don't worry it's nothing to worry about, just some legal stuff which if I'm honest I have no clue about anyway. I don't even know where Alderney is but I hear it's a nice place.

I'm an ideas man really, and me and Ray tend to focus on that kind of stuff with Chris and the guys. Since the site went down people have kind of been out to get me and I don't know why, so I've been on holiday. We flew to the Caribbean on my private jet and just hung out which was nice instead of playing the World Series.

We flew into London yesterday and met some pretty old looking lawyers from the UK who told me it was best I didn't come to the meeting with these guys from Alderney so I called up the lobby from my room in the Park Plaza Hotel and asked them what there was to do. 

learnto be rich

They said there was a seminar going on downstairs so I thought I'd go check it out. I thought I could learn a few tricks and it was pretty good until this old school poker player from the UK spotted me. I used to be friends with Harry Demetriou but for some reason he just started shouting at me and swung a punch at me. Fortunately being the athlete that I am, I ducked out of the way and managed to escape up a no-entry street before Harry could get hold of me. ‘Where’s my money Howard, you callous prick’, I think I heard him scream.

Anyway, I did some sight seeing, you know Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, the usual kind of stuff which was cool. We came back and the lawyers were still in the meeting so me and Ray just went to the gym – All those pina coladas in the Caribbean have added a few pounds so I thought I’d work them off. The meeting was still going on after that so we thought we’d check out the local casino. Me and Ray walked in and who was the first person we saw – Our old pal Phil Ivey! Ivey was shooting dice and I don’t think he noticed us, so we didn’t bother him. Never talk to Phil while he’s shooting dice, that’s rule no.1…

We then returned to the hotel and had a chat with our lawyers. They broke the good news that we have another 6 weeks before we have to do anything else with these Alderney guys. All I had to do was sign a cheque for £250k and we were good to go. They said something about player funds but don’t worry, it’s all ok and everything is under control. All in all, a pretty good day.

We’re now off for another vacation before we’ll come back to London in September. The lawyers said to stay away from the US as I could be proecuted, God knows why but I'll play it safe I think. I've always liked the sound of The Seychelles, maybe we'll go there. I’ll report back with another trip report soon.

All the best



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