Jungleman Hits Back - Full Flush on WPHC Undercard

Nov. 22, 2011, Posted by Pokerfarm

Jungleman Hits Back - Full Flush on WPHC Undercard

London – With the Prague Poker Festival fast approaching, The Poker Farm has released terms and conditions surrounding the heads up match to be held on December 6th in Prague, between Daniel “Jungleman” Cates and a challenger still to be confirmed.

The winner of the bout will be awarded the newly created World Poker Heavyweight Championship (WPHC) title, currently vacant, and take possession of the Championship Belt.  The custom designed belt has been commissioned for the title bout and all future rematches associated with the World Poker Heavyweight Championship.  The holder of the WPHC title will be guaranteed a rematch within 6 months of the initial championship with a challenger provided by the ThePokerfarm.com

A PokerFarm.com spokesman commented, “The response has been what we expected, especially considering that Jungleman is generally recognized as the best when it comes to No Limit Heads Up Hold’em.  There has been some interest, mostly from players looking for some kind of angle.  We have one challenger who is relatively unknown that will be making a decision within the next 48 hours.  We will be providing compensation to every champion for their title defences, but the bouts themselves must be contested on a level playing field.  It’s pretty simple.  Only the best need apply.”

For his part, Jungleman is not surprised that no one has yet taken up the offer.  “A lot has been said that there is no incentive to play me.  For me, competing for a world title and keeping it says more than money, and holding onto this title for a long period of time is something I'm keen to do to prove myself.  It’s true that I haven’t played much live and that anything can happen in four hours of poker, but to me these are just excuses for players scared to put up the money.” When asked who has shown interest so far, Cates said, “There has been talk of a challenge from Gus Hansen or Tony G, but talk is all it is.  All I can tell you is that come December 6th, I’ll be sitting at the table with my 100,000 euros.”

In addition to the headlining WPHC Title Match on Dec. 6th, the live stream will also feature an undercard bout to determine the number one ranked challenger for the WPHC title.  The winner of the undercard bout will have the first opportunity to take on the WPHC champion in his title defence.

UK poker player Luke Schwartz, also known as Full Flush, will be on one side of the undercard bout, also taking on the first person to step forward.  All details will be the same as the Championship bout, except halved.  The sit-down will be 50,000 euros and the blinds will be 100-200 euros.  The first challenger will be accommodated.

Asked to comment on the match, Schwartz said, “Bruv, I don’t care who I play.  If they are stupid enough to sit down with me, I will own them.  There are players whose game I respect, but I’ve never met anyone whose game is better than mine.”  Asked why he’s not taking on Jungleman right now, Schwartz said, “Of course I want to play for the title but I’ve been told by the WPHC that I need to play a challenger match first.  Whatever.”

The match will be streamed on the Internet, with hole cards revealed on a fifteen minute delay, both on thepokerfarm.com and www.worldpokertour.com, and will have the following rules:

  • Winner of the KPW Heavyweight Title will be determined by:
    • KO – if the player behind quits the match before the time period is up or loses the agreed upon stop loss
    • Decision - one player is ahead after four hours of play
    • Disqualification - if the player who is ahead quits before the time limit is up or is otherwise deemed by the match referee to have acted unfairly.  A disqualification will result in loss of the title but not stake money.
  • The match will have a 100,000 euro sit down and stop loss
  • Blinds will be 200-400 euro and only rise if both players agree
  • The Event will be a World Poker Heavyweight Event Championship match sponsored by The Pokerfarm.com
  • The Winner will receive a gold plated 6.5 lb. belt to keep for the remainder of the period they hold the Heavyweight Title
  • The Winner will receive a compensation package for their title defence paid for by The Pokerfarm. This could include sponsorship, revenue share, or match expenses.
  • The Winner will agree to a title defence in another match of equivalent stakes in a period not exceeding 6 months from the initial Championship
  • If the Winner refuses a title defence or refuses to play an opponent as selected by nomination or application then the belt will be deemed vacant until another sanctioned match.

For more information about the event or application to play in either match, email by Dec. 1

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