News Update: March 11th, 2012

March 11, 2012, Posted by Daniel.Smyth

News Update: March 11th, 2012

In today's new's update we get the latest betting odds from for Blom vs. Haxton, find out who was the brightest star at the WPT Bay 101 event and get Glafond's thoughts on Lindgren's debt. 

Blom vs. Haxton

While the Super Sunday Million is in full swing, two of the online poker world’s best high stakes players will be locking horns across the virtual felt.

Isaac Haxton and Viktor Blom will square off in a 2,500 hand battle just as they did back in 2010. However, this time around the stakes have been raised and the pair will now ante-up at the $100/$200 tables.

The last time the two met it was Haxton who walked away the winner with $41,707 profit and he is currently leading the betting at with -113 odds. In contrast, Blom is currently priced at +112.

There is still time to put some money on the match before tonight’s kick off. To check all the latest odds and to wager some money simply visit:

Moon Rises at WPT

Moon Kim has become the latest WPT champion after taking down the Bay 101, Shooting Star Main Event. The satellite qualifier overcame a tough final table, which included WSOPE bracelet holder Erik Cajelais and Joe Serock, to claim his first major title. 

The amateur player had only amassed $2,000 in live tournament winnings before the event and he managed to beat that by the end of Day 2 by collecting Nam Le's $5,000 bounty.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Moon though as he quickly lost a 2/1 chip advantage when he got heads-up with Ubaib Habib.

That dynamic quickly shifted though as he soon found his composure and regained the lead. The final hand came when his pair of nines on the flop managed to hold on against Habib’s flush draw.

As Moon rose from his chair to collect his $960,000 prize, he was swamped by a sea of supporters all looking to congratulate the latest addition to the WPT record books.

Moon Kim

Galfond on Loans

It’s currently scandal of the month in the poker world and with more pros joining the debate, Phil Galfond has decided to chime in on Erick Lindgren’s debts.

While the high stakes star has only had limited dealings with E-Dog, he did say that he’s always found him to be, “extremely kind, personable, and cool”.

The main aim of his blog wasn’t to defend or convict Erick but to analyse the and advice the poker community. Indeed, in true Galfond style, the high stakes sage took the time to explain his thoughts on loaning money to people in the poker world and detailed his own experiences with people in the poker world. 

As ever his words are not only measured and insightful, but thought provoking. Take some time to read this one, you won’t be disappointed.

Galfond Blog

PokerStars $6 Million

To mark the 6th anniversary of their flagship tournament, PokerStars are supercharging their Sunday Million. To celebrate in style the bigwigs at ‘Stars have decided to increase the prizepool from $1 million to $6 million.

The action kicks off at 18:30 UTC and satellites are still running right up until the off. With $1 million guaranteed to the winner the field is expected to swell well beyond the 6,500 currently registered at the time of writing.

Side Action

Why is he currently the favourite in tonight's match against Viktor Blom? Well it's probably because of moves like this:

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