News Update: March 12th, 2012

March 12, 2012, Posted by Daniel.Smyth

News Update: March 12th, 2012

In today's news update we see why Haxton and Blom live to fight another day, get the result from PokerStars Sunday $6 Million and hear about a poker pro facing a murder trial. 

Weather Halts Chip Storm

It was set to cause a storm at the virtual felt yesterday but adverse weather conditions and a dodgy internet connection halted the latest Superstar Showdown. Just 692 hands into Isaac Haxton and Viktor Blom’s high stakes battle the former began experiencing connectivity issues and timing out for extended periods.

With the rail thirsty for more action advice began to flood in. However, despite their best efforts, the poker gods’ will was that neither hero would fall and that the battle should resume when the heavens are calm.

A typically even-tempered Haxton didn’t seem too fazed by the problem, or the fact he was already $99,886 in the hole, and offered an apology via 2+2:

I'm really sorry about all this. I know it's ruining the flow of the match for spectators.

To clarify the weather stuff: There was a really bad storm 2 days ago. My internet was completely down for 2 hours and has been a little unstable ever since. I think something between the ISP and my apartment must have been damaged.

The match will resume later this week as will the chance to bet on the match. For the latest odds when the market reopens visit

Million Dollar Chop

Over 30,000 people entered but only one could walk away with the title. PokerStars’ 6th anniversary Sunday Million became on the site’s most popular tournaments in history, yesterday, after 33,732 entrants created a prizepool of $6,746,400.

A mixture of pros, regular grinders and satellite qualifiers made up the field and after 15 hours a winner was eventually crowned. “slyfox151” from the Netherlands was the eventual winner after defeating the UK’s “bloder03” heads-up.

For his efforts the victor walked away with $480,761 which was $110,000 less than 7th place finisher “toode” from Finland. A deal between the final 8 players meant that mammoth prizepool was carved into pieces, with the Finn taking the lion’s share.

While “slyfox151” may not have taken home the most money we doubt he’s too worried as he’s not only the able to console himself with $480K, but the prestige of taking down one of ‘Stars biggest ever tournaments.

Stars Sunday Mill Payouts

Pro Facing Murder Trial

A UK poker pro is facing a possible trial for murder on Thursday after a preliminary hearing in the United States last week. Marcus Bebb-Jones is accused of killing his wife, Sabrina, back in 1997 when the couple owned a hotel in Colorado.

Bebb-Jones is accused of murdering her and then dumping her body near Douglas Pass in Colorado before fleeing to Vegas. Once in Vegas it’s claimed he binged on drink and drugs whilst hiring prostitutes and gambling vast sums of money. At one point he tried, but failed, to take his own life.

Bebb-Jones was a familiar face on the UK poker scene, taking part in various TV tournaments as well as taking down a GUKPT title for £90,000. However, after being extradited back to the US he was incarcerated pending trial.

On Thursday Bebb-Jones uncertainty will end as he the court is set to decide if there's enough of a case to support a full murder trial. One outcome which is certain, however, is that he won’t face the state issued death penalty but instead face a prison term.


Side Action

He doesn’t often speak but when he does the poker community listens. In anticipation of his upcoming high stakes battles, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, has been speaking about his poker experiences.

Although a short interview, he manages to cover his initiation into the world of poker, his thoughts on “Durrrr” and who he thinks is the best NLHE player in the world.

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