News Update: March 23rd, 2012

March 23, 2012, Posted by Daniel.Smyth

News Update: March 23rd, 2012

Poker’s Supergrass to Testify

He’s the man who could help sentence some of the poker industry’s most powerful figures and on April 9th he’ll appear in the docks when Chad Elie and John Campos stand trial.

Daniel Tzvetkoff, the Canadian millionaire was arrested in April, 2010, after it was alleged his company, Instabill, helped to process over $1 billion in online poker payments.

Facing a 75 year prison sentence, the entrepreneur cut a deal with the DOJ and has since handed over 90,000 documents detailing the financial transactions between his company and various online poker sites.

The evidence is set to be used by the prosecution when Elie and Campos face the judge next month. These documents plus Tzvetkoff’s testimony could prove pivotal in the outcome of the trial. Moreover, the judge’s decision could have further repercussions for the poker industry at large.


Negreanu Feels Mods’ Wrath

Daniel Negreanu found himself in hot water earlier this week when a thread on 2+2 inflicted the wrath of the poker mods.

After uploading his weekly vlog, Daniel decided to post the video in he dedicated thread on 2+2.

At the same time he created a thread informing people about the upcoming iSeriesLIVE tournament. That thread was subsequently removed after the people behind the scenes at 2+2 deemed it to be spam.

Soon after that thread was taken down, Daniel contributed to a separate thread on the subject (not started by him) in an effort to give a personal insight into the tournament – something he has in abundance since he’s part of it. However, after adding his thoughts the thread was also removed.

The series of events culminated with Daniel being banned from the forum. Naturally he was annoyed and aired his view both on Twitter and in his blog, writing:

2+2 has taken a North Korean like approach to it by censoring what posters are allowed to discuss on the forum.

Mason is also pretty much a nutcase lol.”

This one looks like it might develop into a lengthy battle as neither side looks willing to acknowledge the other’s position.

DN Praying

Grundy to Enter the Jungle

They are known as to of the best heads-up players in the world and now they look set to tangle in a HU PLO challenge.

Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates and Ben Grundy hold fearsome reputations in the poker community and have made names for themselves due to their “fear no player” attitude to game selection.

The revelation that these two are going to play came via Twitter today when Cates replied to SharkStaking’s request for a match.

Exactly when the pair will face off is yet to be decided but this clash will be one not to miss.

grundy tweets

Side Action

With the mood in the poker world a little tense of late we thought we'd end today's news update with an LOL moment from High Stakes Poker involving Phil Hellmuth. Enjoy. 

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