News Update: March 26th, 2012

March 26, 2012, Posted by Daniel.Smyth

News Update: March 26th, 2012

In today’s news update we recap yesterday’s Micro Millions, get the word on a return for The Micros and see 2+2’s apology to Daniel Negreanu. All that plus rumours of a Full Tilt return.

Micro Millions’ Creates a Storm

PokerStars Micro Millions neared a conclusion yesterday with their $11, Sunday Storm event creating a prizepool of $441,090. Thanks to the 44,109 entrants the eventual winner walked away with $35,319.

A veritable mix of amateurs and pros packed the tables in search of the top prize but only 9 could make the final table.It took over 10 hours to reach the last few standing and leading the way was “joaobarb” with 77,651 chips.

The smallest stack was “sammycon23” but that didn’t stop him from getting busy from the start. After just two orbits he made a move with As 6d. Unfortunately he was called by “WSOPTH” holding Ah Qc. With no help from the dealer it was a quick exit and $1,848 for “sammycon85”.

micro million

“WSOPTH”’s good fortune didn’t last long though as they were the next to fall, swiftly followed by “WarGawd”, “iesko”, “darkjf” and “duboy85”. With three left it looked as though the initial chip leader, “joaobarb”, was going to run away with the title. Indeed, his commanding lead was extended when he eliminated “benzidebuc”.

However, despite having the chip advantage, “Joaobarb” couldn’t maintain the lead as “ShAd_1337” quickly doubled up before storming to a victory.

In just 11 hours, the lucky player had turned $11 into a whopping $35,319.


The Micros Return

Fans of The Micros will be pleased to know that a new episode of the poker animation is set to be released very soon.

According to the show’s co-producer, Jay “Krantz” Rosenkrantz, “there is a new episode, first story episode since “Countdown to Busto.” It is coming soon. It could be the funniest one.”

A firm favourite with the poker community, the show is one of the genuinely poker products to be produced by members of the community.

the micros

2+2 Say Sorry

The Negreanu vs. 2+2 saga has rumbled on for at least a week now, but after a series of comments from both sides it now appears to be over.

In a thread on 2+2 Mason Malmuth issued an apology (of sorts) to Negreanu. In an effort to smooth over the situation the 2+2 chief blamed a breakdown in communication between himself and the moderator who issued Daniel with a ban.

In this case is that we appeared to have made the wrong decision not because Daniel Negreanu is a poker celebrity or a valued poster, but rather because the information communicated to me by our moderator appears not to be completely accurate. This became clear from listening to the Quad Jacks show and is what I was alluding to in the quote above. So we regret that error.”

For now, it seems, the waters are calm but we doubt it will be long before Negreanu ruffles a few more feathers in the poker world.


Full Tilt’s Return Imminent?

Rumours have surfaced that Full Tilt is about to re-launch in the very near future. According to an article on PoketFives, Groupe Bernard Tapie’s head honcho, Laurent Tapie, has moved to Dublin and is working full time on the project.

While the article only describes the information as coming from “a source”, the buzz around the site does seem to be increasing as the weeks go by.

Exactly how, when and if the site will reopen remains to be seen. To read more on this story, click here

gbt tilt

Side Action

With a new episode in the pipeline we thought we’d treat you to a classic clip of The Micros. Enjoy.

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