News Update: March 30th, 2012

March 30, 2012, Posted by Daniel.Smyth

News Update: March 30th, 2012

In today’s news update we check preview the latest high stakes showdown, see how are keeping up with their rivals and hear about Gus’s botched bluff in Macau. Odds on Haxton vs. Blom

Isaac Haxton and Viktor Blom are set to tussle once again but this time the stakes are going to be considerably higher. After beating Blom on the previous two occasions, Haxton was unsurprisingly happy to oblige his Swedish foe in a match worth $1 million.

This Saturday the pair will lock horns across the $200/$400 tables at PokerStars and they won’t stop until someone is broke. With $500,000 each, this promises to be a high stakes tussle of epic proportions with neither one afraid to stick their chips in when it matters.

The match begins at 1pm ET and the pair will swap 3-bets for 4 hours. They will then continue playing for at least 4 hours a day until one of them is left felted.

Which way do you think this match will go? is currently offering odds on the match with Haxton leading the betting. With plenty of time still left to bet, make sure you check our for the latest odds on this Super High Stakes Showdown.

hax1 in a Rush is set to join the fastest race in town in the very near future according to their co-CEO, Jim Ryan. In an announcement made to EGR Magazine, the company’s head honcho indicated that they are currently in the developmental stages of their own Rush Poker variant.

Having seen the success of PokerStars' Zoom Poker offering, the company are keen to tap into the poker community’s thirst for high octane action.

The announcement came as Ryan also outlined plans for all players to be migrated over the PartyPoker by the third quarter of this year.

Indeed, it seems the are keen not to let their rivals get too far ahead of them, especially with the prospect of the American market opening up soon.

j ryan

High Stakes Macau News

Gus Hansen’s presence in the Macau Big Game has already produced some exciting action. Although the poker community isn’t able to observe the Great Dane in action, he has been keeping his fans updated via a series of online updates.

Never one to shy away from a bluff, Gus described how he mistimed a play against Tom “Durrrr” Dwan: “3 barrelling against durrrr drawing dead - Usually not a profitable way to go."

The kamikaze play saw Gus fire a HK$1.75 million ($225,388) bet into “Durrrr” on the river with air. The outcome wasn’t exactly what Gus had hoped for as “Durrrr” called and scooped the pot.

The loss didn’t damped his spirits though as he jovially remarked, “the good news was that Durrrr did have the nut flush draw, the bad news that he had top pair to go with it. Ups :-(.”

 gus 1

Side Action

It’s been a while since we’ve see “Durrrr” playing in public eye so we thought we’d dig up a classic clip of the wonder kid at his very best.

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