Pool, Poker & Pain – the next big reality show

Feb. 8, 2012, Posted by Pokerfarm

Pool, Poker & Pain – the next big reality show

Pool, Poker & Pain – the next big reality show

Blair Thein, a veteran in the MMA world is said to be working on an exciting show that mixes three exciting disciplines – pool, poker and mixed martial arts.

According to his own words, Thein has been working on the concept of the show for nearly a decade and finally wrapped it up in the recent weeks. The contestants will travel all around the United States to compete in the above mentioned disciplines and will work side by side with some of the best coaches each industry has to offer.

Although the show is still a long way from being aired, many media experts involved in the project should be a surefire sign that it won't flop. The idea seems rather intriguing as it combines three very rapidly growing industries and the contestants will have to be at their best mental and physical game to have any chance of winning.

Be sure to visit the official Pool, Poker & Pain website.

EPT Deauville finals: Vadzim Kursevich wins!

The Belarus took down the event at the final table that was packed with French players and extends his good run in big tournaments.

Kursevich received a €875,000 check upon winning the event, clearly making it his biggest poker success to date. He continued his recent run of great results, which include reaching final table in the 2011 WCOOP Main Event and finishing 3rd in Berlin at the EPT.

The biggest name in the final was surely the Italian poker pro Luca Pagano who ended his seventh EPT final table in seventh place.

You can see more details on the event over at the Pokerstars blog.

RIP Nikolay Evdakov

It has come to our attention that a prominent figure in the Russian poker world has passed away.

Nikolay Evdakov, known in the Russian community as the founder of CGM.ru forums, has passed away at a young age of 47. Evdakov made a story of himself in the 2008 WSOP, where he cashed 10 times – thus breaking a record for most cashes in one series.

His wife Nataliya informed the poker world of his death through the CGM.ru forums. His funeral will be held today in Moscow.

Paul Cezanne's painting sold for $250M

The nation of Qatar purchased the painting 'The Card Players', painted by post-impressionist master Paul Cezanne for a sum of $250M.

Although poker and historic art are not common ground, the record breaker painting's price is the highest ever paid for a work of art. You can decide for yourself.

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