Prague High Stakes Cash Game - Video Highlights

Dec. 8, 2011, Posted by Pokerfarm

Prague High Stakes Cash Game - Video Highlights

When all the talk was over and the live stream started 7 players took there seats in Prague for The Pokerfarms live stream high stakes cash game, sponsored by

With no one taking Jungleman up on his initial HU challenge to play him for €100,000, The Pokerfarm reverted to hosting a full ring cash game open to anyone willing to put €10,000 up on the line. With rumours that Gus Hansen would be steeping in to play, alongside Tony G who initially called for an incentive to play Jungleman HU the starting line up actually featured a great mix of very different types of players. The game wasn't full with your biggest household names, however the talent on display was clear to see. In the end the starting 7 looked like this.

1. Daniel Cates

2. Luke Schwartz

3. Eoghan O'dea

4. Andy Mosely

5. Scott Baumstein

6. Philipp Gruissem

7. Jan Barta

With several players dropping out of the game at the last minute and other locals deciding they didn't fancy there chances the game looked poised to remain at 6 handed which is what the majority of players wanted. As players left the game the action really started to heat up when local businessman Leon Tsoukernik sat down. However Leon didn't last long as he was visibly upset with certain elements of the game. The game took a break and then re stared 4 handed between Jungleman, Andy Mosel, Luke and Leon. A few arguments arose surrounding Andy Mosley's chip count on his return to the game which seemed like a very unfortunate and honest mistake based on conversations all the players had in order to re start the game. The dispute soon passed and the action continued well into the night. Unfortunately our live stream coverage had to end as the game broke once again.

However in the early hours of the morning the players decided to re start for a third time with Tobias Reinkemeier joining the action and Phillip Gruissem returning to the felt. Leon wanted plenty of action and pushed the blinds up with straddles going as high as €16,000. Andy Mosely was reportedly the biggest winner of the night. Luke Schwartz ended approximately €18,000 in the red and things didn't go much better for Jungleman who ended up losing close to €60,000. We are led to believe there was a problem with a wire transaction at the casino which meant Jungleman was unable to reload and forced him to play much of the game with a relatively short stack and knowing he had no bullets left behind him if he were to bust out.

Over the course of the next week The Pokerfarm will be bringing you highlights with some of the best hands from the game, as well as commentary and analysis from some of the players themselves as they give us there interpretations and thought process as the hands played out.

The first hand we have chosen took place between Jungleman and Phillip Gruissem and can be viewed below.


Hand 2 - Jungleman V's Luke Schwartz

In this hand both players flop the straight but the board gets continually worse, in effect saving Jungleman from losing a lot more money.


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